12 Genius Gifts That Will Make Anyone's Life 10x Easier

‘Tis the season to make time for yourself.

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There are a few things that most parents only wish they could ask for during the holidays — more sleep, extra help around the house, and maybe just 30 minutes of uninterrupted time per day. But sadly, those requests can’t be wrapped up and put in a box — at least, the way many people think. While you can’t gift more free time, you can absolutely gift things that will save a little time (and sanity). Some of the products on this list will even save a ton of money down the line, which is always an added benefit. Here are 12 of the best gifts that will make anyone’s life easier.

An Air Purifier That Can Save You Hundreds Over The Next 5 Years

Remember how I mentioned “save a ton of money down the line”? Meet the Shark NeverChangeTM Air Purifier MAX, which will save you approximately $300 or more in filter replacement costs over a period of five years in comparison to competing models working within a 300-square-foot space. Speaking of square feet, this air purifier is perfect for up to 1,400 square feet, which is a fact that, in itself, will probably help you breathe a little easier.

So, what else sets this air purifier apart from the rest? It contains a Clean Sense IQ™, which tracks your air quality in real time and will adjust its power accordingly. Consider it to be like an air purifier that works for you for once. It’s great for multiple rooms and includes a HEPA filter that captures more micropollutants than HEPA standards even require — up to 99.98% of them, in varying sizes. That makes it especially perfect for homes that are currently dealing with the brunt of elementary school colds. Your air quality is important to your health, and offloading the work to this little gadget will help you save some money and have one less thing to think about.

This Secure SmartDrop Box That’ll Stop Porch Pirates In Their Tracks

Package theft has become increasingly common, so it’s always good to make sure you have your eye on deliveries — especially around the holidays. This Eufy Security SmartDrop is a great way to ease you or a relative of yours from porch pirate panic. It’ll give you real-time notifications when your packages get dropped, and it also has multiple ways to open. You can use a key, or use a pin number to secure your packages when you’re home. It’s also huge, capable of being bolted down, and built to last. It survives (and thrives) in all outdoor conditions, thanks to its water diversion system, so you literally never have to worry about a delivery again.

This Innovative Desk Keep Cables Tidy & Makes It Easy To Take Mobility Breaks

If you’re like me, you probably worry about the amount you sit — especially since the act of sitting has been linked to everything from cardiovascular disease to deep-vein thrombosis. Thankfully, this innovative desk from Secretlab is here to change the game. It’s the first sit-to-stand metal desk of its kind and can ensure that your productivity level doesn’t drop while you switch positions.

Health benefits aside, one of the best parts about this desk is the fact that it prioritizes the importance of cable management. It includes its own full-length cable management tray that’ll help you hide cords and add safety to your home office space, which will make your life a little less stressful. It’s amazing how solving one everyday annoyance can make a gigantic difference to your mental health (while ensuring no more late-night urgent care visits if you’ve got an accident-prone kiddo).

A HelloFresh Subscription That’ll Save So Much Time On Meal Planning

Think about how much time you spend pondering meal options. Why is dinner constantly so difficult? With a HelloFresh subscription, it doesn’t have to be — and as a bonus, you’ll get to refine your cooking skills. Plans fit everyone, from families with picky kids to vegetarians and pescatarians, so it’s a great way to have a supply of food ready that fits all dietary requirements. You can choose anywhere from two to six weekly meals, with over 100 options offered per week. Knowing what’s for dinner days ahead (and getting excited about what’s on the menu) will free up some mental resources that you can use on other things, like trying to figure out which bath bomb to use for your relaxing late-night soak. If you’re unsure about starting or gifting, note that there’s no contract involved — you can start, pause, and stop receiving meals however it fits your schedule.

This Smart Humidifier That’ll Make Your Home Feel More Comfortable

Welcome to humidifier season. Thankfully, humidifiers have gotten so much better since the ‘80s and ‘90s, especially since many include calming essential oils like this model from GENIANI. Available in four tank sizes (2-liter, 4-liter, 6-liter, and 250-milliliter), this quiet unit is a great way to help add a little moisture to rooms that happen to have dry air. Since it operates at just 30 decibels (with a library usually ranking at 40 decibels for comparison) it won’t disturb you or your child’s sleep. It’s great for a nursery and also makes a wonderful gift that a mom-to-be will likely forget to add to her baby shower registry. This model has over 26,000 five-star reviews to back it up.

This Genius Smart Mug That’ll Ensure You Have The Perfect Cup Of Coffee Every Morning

The “mom never gets to drink hot coffee since she’s tending to the kids in the morning” stereotype is quite true. If you’re a mom or dad who depends on morning caffeine to charge your batteries, this temperature-control smart mug will be the most prized possession in your home. The mug is programmable through your phone and capable of heating up beverages between 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 145 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 80 minutes. Or, in parent-time, just a little over seven segments of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. You can get it in 10-ounce or 14-ounce sizes and it’s available in eight great colors.

This Air Fryer That’ll Easily Make Dinners That Your Kids Actually Want To Eat

Say goodbye to messy oil and say hello to this little Ninja Air Fryer, who’s bound to become your new best friend in the kitchen. Not only is air frying healthier than traditional frying, but it couldn’t be easier to do. Make your own fries, heat up some tater tots, or use it for game night to make at-home wings that are better (and cheaper) than delivery — the opportunities are endless. Aside from air frying, this gadget is a great way to reheat, roast, and even dehydrate food, making it a multi-tasker. With a 4.8 out of five-star rating on Amazon and well over 42,000 glowing five-star reviews, this handy helper will save you or anyone you gift it to so much time.

These AirTags That’ll Make Losing Your Keys Feel Like No Big Deal

A personal story: Back in the day, I used to lose my keys at least three times per week. When I had my daughter, my mom-brain turned it into a daily struggle. Then I invested in an Apple AirTag, and I regained all of that time back. (I didn’t say it was an interesting story, but surely it’s relatable.) Stop searching through couch cushions for your keys when you only have limited time to get to a doctor’s appointment. By sticking an AirTag on your valuables, you’ll take away all of the frustration when they decide to play hide-and-seek. They couldn’t be easier to pair with your phone, don’t cost a fortune, and have a replaceable battery that lasts a full year.

This Sleek Catch-All Tray That’ll Also Charge Your Devices

Not all chargers can necessarily pass for home decor, but this Courant Catch:3 will fit right in. This wireless charger serves as a sleek place for your phone, AirPods, and even your accessories to take a much-needed break. Having an all-in-one destination for your favorite accessories will help you easily find and gather everything you need to start the day.

It’s even impressing professional home designers. “I am an interior designer and have been buying high-end luxury goods for many years,” one mentioned in a review on Amazon. “I was absolutely floored when we opened these and installed them yesterday into the project we were finishing up. They are so chic and well-made. Even the packaging is on point.” You can buy it in one of seven colors to best match your own home decor.

This Washable Rug That’ll Take The Anxiety Out Of Snack Time

Whether you have human kids or fur kids, you’ll need a Ruggable. This stain and water-resistant area rug couldn’t be easier to tidy when you’re expecting company over. Unlike your standard rug, spilled juice stands no chance against a Ruggable. Yes, even grape.

Something else that makes the Ruggable stand out is the fact that each one is made from over 50% recycled materials, making it a home item you can feel good about purchasing. So, how does Ruggable work? Each rug comes in two parts, one on the bottom with a nonslip grip that stays on the floor and one that detaches to easily throw in the washer. Since Ruggable has so many designs to choose from, you’re bound to find the best style (or styles) to fit the theme of your space.

This Incredible Cutting Board That’ll Save Plenty Of Time During Meal Prep

This is the cutting board station that home chefs dream of. Make that dream a reality by gifting it (or, gifting it to yourself. You deserve it.) Perfect for people who are either right or left-handed, this smart bamboo cutting board has a ton of useful accessories that’ll help anyone save precious kitchen space. The Chop n Drop version includes a slicer, garlic mincer, and two places to julienne. There’s also a version with a built-in knife sharpener that’s the perfect station to prep big meals. The station includes plenty of space to store veggies, and there are also grooves in the board itself to contain liquids. This would also make a clever housewarming gift, especially for a recipient who has a small kitchen.

This Sleep Sound Machine That’s The Next Best Thing To Taking A Vacation

Sleep machines aren’t just for newborns — they’re also a good way for adults to get the peaceful sleep they need to recharge. This LectroFan is an especially good choice since it can temporarily make you feel like you’re somewhere else. Teleport to the ocean when you need a few minutes to yourself, or put on a fan noise if you need to block out construction noises outside or Blippi inside. Since sleep is so vital to your well-being, it’s important to make it a priority. And since it can be hard to prioritize yourself and your needs after having kids, this machine can help.