If You Need Holiday Baking Inspo, Look No Further Than These Delicious IG Accounts

by Amy B. Chesler
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A woman in a Christmas sweater and her daughter, both wearing antler head accessories baking cookies...

I don’t know about you, but the only thing that I take interest in during winter is tucking myself into bed and binge-watching true crime docu-series. And, of course, eating all the baked goods. I do not discriminate: savory, sweet, spicy, creamy, it doesn’t matter. I am here for them.

So, in honor of all the delicious holiday goodies floating around on the inter-web (and most especially those drool-worthy Instagram snapshots), here are a handful of delicious Instagram accounts to spy on this holiday season. Sometimes you just wanna scroll through sweets, and other times you need some seriously sugary inspiration. Cue “I Understood the Assignment.”

If you’re like me, you absolutely love savory foods. There is nothing more satisfying than something salty and slightly sweet. And this Brown Butter Sweet Potato Pie in particular by @GlamNellie sounds like pure heaven. Not to mention, Nellie has a ton of other baking projects (holiday and non-holiday-related) on her feed.

If you’re in the mood for a sweeter treat, I bet you won’t be able to resist these homemade Twix bars by @OneSweeetMama. And if you’re not a candy bar person (what’s wrong with you?), this saccharine mom definitely has all kinds of other goodies you’re gonna love.

Or how about this mouth-watering chai spiced carrot cake with brown butter cream cheese frosting? I could take a bath in @OlivesNThyme‘s frosting, as well as the rest of her delectable feed.

I’m a mom of two beautiful babes, and I’m still not sure I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful that this cranberry curd tart with meringue decorations by @PsyCook_MD. Lolz, jk (mostly). Be sure to check out all the other types of treats she shares, too!

For all my bread lovers, you’re going to flip over these pumpkin brioche rolls by @nmuvu. Look at those babies, both fluffy and firm. Like they’re just waiting to make the best sandwiches with alllll the holiday leftovers. I should mention this mom is a chef, too, so she’s got a whole lotta other dishes you’re gonna love.

There is one dessert I absolutely can never pass up no matter its flavor or form, and that dish is bread pudding. I kind of just want to dive into this apple challah bread pudding by @BakesByBrownSugar and conduct all of my business from inside of its gooey, warm goodness. In fact, that’s where you’ll find me from here on out.

Not only are these macarons gorgeous (another personal dessert fave of mine), but this video of how they’re made is equally as stunning! You’re not gonna wanna miss @Baked.By.Dave break down how to make and decorate these babies and so much more.

I might have had to google the term “Andes baking chips,” but that only makes me adore this flourless (gluten-free) chocolate celebration cake with chocolate ganache, garnished with crushed Andes baking chips and fresh mint by @SugarAndSpiceHomeBaking even more. I’m not sure I’ve ever used the word “refreshing” in terms of chocolate before, but this looks just that (as does the rest of this mom’s feed).

If you’re also a massive donut lover like me, you’re gonna totally flip over these simple, pumpkin spice donuts with brown butter glaze by husband and wife duo, @BakingWithJoshAndAnge. They’ve got hundreds more recipes of all different types of dishes you’re gonna wanna make, too.

This incredible Chocolate Peppermint Bûche de Noël by @TheDisplacedHousewife had the honor of gracing Williams Sonoma‘s social media, and as soon as it caught my eye, I couldn’t help but peep the rest of this mom’s profile. She is a culinary wizard, but her baking is just beyond. You’re not gonna regret checking it out.

As much as sweets can be satisfying, there’s absolutely nothing better than a warm bowl of soup in the winter. Okay, maybe there is: these oyster patties by @LousianaCookin. If you’re not familiar with oyster patties, they’re basically puff pastry filled with oysters, heavy cream, and a bunch of amazing ingredients. And they’re the next thing on my To-Cook list, as is everything else on this profile’s feed. Yum.

Last but not least, this Hawaiian Roll French Toast Bake by Ramona at @FabEveryday might be the perfect dish for the whole family. It’s simple, it’s sweet, and it’s a staple recipe to have in your holiday baking repertoire. In fact, that’s what Ramona shares every day: the best recipes for the simplest dishes that’ll wow all of your diners.

Now, what’s first on your list of holiday baking ideas to try? Don’t forget to tag us on social media so we can see!

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