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10 Of The Best Kids’ Water Bottles On Amazon, Because Staying Hydrated Is A Big Deal

Our reusable picks for toddlers through high-schoolers.

by Emma Coburn
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One of the most surprising things about parenting for me personally has been the amount of time I've spent researching — and washing! — kids' water bottles. So, if you have a long back-to-school shopping list and want to make the best purchase possible, we've got you covered on the hydration front with 10 cool, durable kids’ water bottles on Amazon.

These super-popular picks all earn praise for how durable, easy to clean, and, well, cute they are. You'll find both plastic and stainless steel options on the list, and if your kid's school requires a water bottle with a straw due to Covid regulations, you'll find plenty of good options for that, too. Some are more expensive than others — but they'll all save money and cut down on plastic waste in the long term.

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A Little Kids’ Bottle That’s Expensive, But Worth It

YETI is one of the top brands out there for quality water bottles and travel mugs — with a reputation for products that are pricey but long-lasting. This 12-ounce insulated stainless steel bottle is on the small side, but it’s perfect for younger kids who don’t need to tote around more water or are able to refill easily. It’s dishwasher-safe and has a straw that snaps down to prevent leaks.

Helpful Review: “My kids prefer this over any other water bottle. It’s easy to clean, goes in the dishwasher, and doesn’t weigh a ton. Keeps water ice cold. It’s on the smaller side, but perfect for a sports game or a half day of school. On hot days, I refill their YETI from my bigger water bottle. It’s been put through the wringer and still looks brand new (like other yeti bottles I’ve owned for years). Completely worth the price.”


A Stainless Steel Option With Rave Reviews

Another cult favorite, this stainless steel bottle has 45 different designs on Amazon alone — from plain lime green to CoComelon and Lightning McQueen. It keeps water cold for up to 12 hours (but isn’t designed for hot drinks), and the straw is completely covered when the bottle is closed (in case the idea of a mouthpiece touching everything in your child’s backpack/classroom grosses you out). Hand-wash is recommended by the manufacturer, but it’s dishwasher safe, too.

Helpful Review: “Yes, yes, yes, give me products that make my life easier. Easy to CLEAN, easy to operate, and it doesn’t leak. This bottle is super easy to clean. If you’re like me and obsessed with keeping your kid’s drinking items clean and free of mold, go with this bottle. My almost 3-year-old has no problem using it, and it takes me nothing to clean it. No wonder every other kid at school has it.”


A Leak-Proof Bottle With Tons Of Different Designs

With more than 45,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.5-star rating, this is one of the most popular kids’ water bottles out there. There are lots of pattern options, from sharks to cats to mermaids, and all the parts are dishwasher-safe. Kids have to bite down a little to get water out, and when they’re done, the drinking valve snaps into a locked position to prevent leaks. CamelBak offers insulated and stainless steel versions of this bottle, too.

Helpful Review: “These are by far our favorite water bottles for toddlers and elementary schoolers. Our 2-year-old got the hang of biting to drink really fast. We love that they’re dishwasher safe, easy to assemble, and don’t get moldy. They also fit in backpacks easily. They last forever. Don’t leak. Replacement straws and valves are available if you lose them.”


A Contigo Kids Two-Pack

It’s possible you heard these Contigo bottles were recalled a few years ago for a choking hazard, but the button-powered spouts have been redesigned, and they remain a popular choice at a lower price point. They’re dishwasher safe, and the straw is actually attached to the bottle so that you won’t have to spend an extra few minutes muttering angrily as you search the kitchen for it every morning (just me?).

Helpful Review: “Bought this water bottle for my daughter to use at school. Literally goes to class with her every day, and is washed every night. It looks identical to the day we got it. It's very easy to clean, and very easy for her to use. It hasn't faded and has held up well in the dishwasher. No leaks!”


A Budget Option Parents Swear By

If you plan to buy several bottles and use them in rotation — or just aren’t looking to spend more than $10 on a water bottle — this is a great choice. The straw lid has a cover to keep germs out, and the whole thing is dishwasher safe.

Helpful Review: “This bottle is lightweight and extremely durable, considering how much punishment it gets going to and from school daily. My son's school requires refillable bottles with straws. I liked this one because the spout is completely covered, so it stays clean if dropped. I can also write his initials on it in Sharpie each time I wash it (they wear off), and it survives the dishwasher perfectly. The mouthpiece tends to pick up the scent of the dishwasher pods I use, so I rinse it afterwards, but other than that, this is by far the best of the bottles we've tried.”


A Much-Loved Basic Bottle With Lots Of Cute Designs

A basic, dishwasher-safe bottle that comes in three sizes: 10-ounce, 14-ounce, and 18-ounce. It also comes in more than 30 patterns, making this a great choice for little kids who will get excited about packing a cute accessory every day. The plastic straw snaps closed to stop leaks.

Helpful Review: “I have six kids and I’m not into washing 100 cups a day, so my kids use water bottles almost exclusively. I have been on the hunt for years for a durable, leak-proof water bottle, and this is by far the best one I’ve found.”


A Slightly Bigger Bottle Little Kids Can Still Handle

This sleek monochrome bottle is a great option if you want something medium-sized that still keeps water cold throughout the day (it also comes in other sizes up to 64-ounce). While not dishwasher safe, it’s still well-liked, with 14,000 reviews and a 5-star Amazon rating. You can choose either a spout or straw top option.

Helpful Review: “These are all I buy for my kids now. They are easy to clean (no straws to scrub out), and they keep liquids cold for an amazingly long time. The double-wall construction and slightly textured exterior mean no condensation dripping on school desks and no slipping out of their hands. The small sizes are also short enough not to tip/fall out of those mesh backpack pockets. They are super durable... in three years, we’ve never had one break. We’ve had a bit of mold on the little gaskets (because I don’t bother to remove them to dry), so I just keep some replacement gaskets on hand (that can be ordered from the company).”


A Long-Lasting Water Bottle Older Kids Will Love

The beloved Hydro Flask stainless steel water bottle is not cheap, but it’s designed to last a long time and really keep water cold. Only one lid — a straw cap or a “flex cap” that opens to show the entire water bottle mouth — is included, but you can purchase any other “standard mouth” Hydro Flask cap separately. And it can all go in the dishwasher at the end of the day.

Helpful Review: “This bottle is AWESOME!!! I bought it for my teenager to take ice cold water to school, and it works wonderfully. I put ice cubes in it in the morning, and when she gets home, they are still there! It’s expensive but worth it.”


Another Great Older-Kid Option

Another insulated 24-ounce option, this Thermoflask comes with both a regular “chug” lid and a straw lid. There’s certainly no reason younger kids can’t pack this bottle, but due to its size and weight when full, it’s probably a better everyday bottle for older kids. As you can see in the review below, though, it’s popular with all ages. Note: Putting the bottle itself in the dishwasher isn’t recommended, but the lids can go in the dishwasher on the top rack.

Helpful Review: “I am very impressed with this water bottle. I bought this for my toddler because she loves her cold water, and I was looking for a water bottle to keep it cold for seven to eight hours when she's in school. This Thermoflask is amazing; I put icy cold water at around 7 a.m., she comes home around 5 p.m., and it still was icy cold with ice In there. That's ten hours!!! I will definitely be buying a couple for me now. I forgot to mention it does not sweat at all, very easy to clean. Love it!”


A Classic That’s Still Popular

You may have had one of these in high school. You may still have it. And your student will like it for all the same reasons you did: It doesn’t leak, it doesn’t break, and it’s extremely low maintenance in general (it’s dishwasher safe, but also easy to wash by hand). It’s not insulated, and its super-wide mouth makes it better for older kids, but for the price and durability, it’s hard to beat.

Helpful Review: “This Nalgene water bottle is the perfect bottle for everyday use. My son has taken it on countless hiking trips, fishing or fly fishing excursions, sports events, camping trips and, he takes it to school every day, making it the perfect everyday water bottle. As a fourteen-year-old, my son is always running, jumping, and not really thinking about the safety of his precious water bottle, which is fine because after many drops, rolls, and smashes, the water bottle still works like a charm and continues to never leak.”

Whatever your priority in looking for kids’ water bottles — size, durability, materials, ease of cleaning, or price point — something from this list of some of the best water bottles on Amazon should check your boxes. Cheers to keeping your kids hydrated this year.