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I Make These 8 “Lazy” Trader Joe’s Dinners On Repeat

They’re cheap, easy, and a hit with the kids (and my wallet).

TikToker @dashofmandi shows how to make potsticker stir-fry using Trader Joe's products.

Just when I think the day is over and I'm ready to collapse, I remember there are hungry little humans in my home counting on me for sustenance. That's why I turn to these "lazy" Trader Joe's dinners on repeat — they're cheap, easy to make, and they're always a hit with the kids.

Ahead, you'll find meals that take less time to make than a drive-thru dash and are healthier, too. Think a dinner prepped and cooked on the same pan, a homestyle pizza that requires no kneading, a zero-prep meal that you can have on the table in 10 minutes, and even a couple of vegan- and vegetarian-friendly options.

Check them all out here, make your lists, and head to your favorite grocery store (Trader Joe's, duh).

This 4-Ingredient Chicken & Pasta

This hearty pasta dish by @EatTheGains comes together quickly and with only four ingredients. It’s a super low-lift meal that requires minimal prep thanks to products like Trader Joe’s heat-and-serve Just Chicken and seasonal spaghetti sauce. Mix in baby broccoli and top it with parmesan cheese for an insanely easy and delicious meal.

This Shrimp Burrito Bowl

Shrimp might sound like a major splurge, but Trader Joe’s Wild Raw Argentinian Red Shrimp is right around $12 and serves anywhere from four to six people. Plus, all the vegetables and grains that bring this burrito bowl together are really affordable. @OneBalancedLife seasons the shrimp with a hint of spice, adding big flavor to this easy meal.

These Flatbread Pizzas

If you’ve yet to discover Trader Joe’s rectangular pizza crust, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Yes, their premade dough is good, but when it comes to a busy weeknight, you’ll appreciate this no-fuss option. Add your favorite sauce and toppings, and take a tip from @InTheKitchenWithSyd — assemble them right on your oven rack.

This Chicken & Potatoes Sheet Pan Dinner

Technically, you could make this meal with ingredients from any grocery store, but don’t skimp on the Trader Joe’s Aglio Olio Seasoning Blend that TikTok creator @LindsayArnold uses to add authentic Italian flavor. You’ve got your carb, veg, and protein all in one easy-to-make sheet-pan dinner.

This Vegetarian Chili Cheese Pasta

This creamy pasta dish gives you all the comforting chili cheese vibes but is completely vegetarian and dairy-free. @ConsciousChris throws in a handful of frozen spinach — brilliantly sneaking in heart-healthy greens — and protein-packed black beans that add even more creamy texture. Don’t skip out on the corn chip crumbles, or you’ll be sorry.

These Meatball Ciabatta Sandwiches

These meatball sandwiches could not get easier — or tastier. Simply heat Trader Joe’s frozen meatballs and start building your sandwiches on their pillowy ciabatta rolls. TicTocker @Joyful_Health uses the grocery chain’s premade spaghetti sauce and pre-shredded cheese. Serve them with a side of steamed veggies or premade salad and dinner is served.

These Vegan Mediterranean Bowls

Do yourself a favor and grab a bag of frozen rice to create an effortless base for these vegan Mediterranean bowls. Frozen falafels, fresh vegetables, and creamy dips like tzatziki and hummus are all you need to complete this quick and refreshing recipe by @ThatsHerWellness.

This Potsticker Stir Fry

Say hello to the perfect recipe for saving any vegetables in your fridge that are in danger of going to waste! Just chop them up (or take a shortcut like creator @DashOfMandi and grab a bowl of Trader Joe’s Asian Style Vegetable Stir Fry) and give them a quick cook before adding in TJ’s Chicken Gyoza Potstickers and Soyaki sauce.