23 Tweets About Marriage That Are Relatable AF

by Joanna McClanahan
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A tweet about how marriage teaches you a lot about yourself like that paper towels don't need to be ...
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Marriage means you love one another more each day, but probably because you got on each other’s last freaking nerve the day before.

If marriage vows were accurate, we’d promise to support each other in sickness, fuck-ups, and refusals to refill the filtered water. Actually, there’s a lot about marriage that the vows don’t cover, as these tweets demonstrate pretty well:

Marriage isn’t about competition — in that everything is also a competition:

It means being patient:

And kind to one another:

Being married means knowing when to be brutally honest:

Knowing when to leave things unsaid:

And when to plead the Fifth:

Sometimes we realize this a few moments too late:

Marriage means you will make assumptions:

And sometimes make requests:

Being married means learning from one another:

As well as learning what your spouse enjoys:

Marriage means forgiving each other’s flaws:

And not holding on to any resentment:

It’s the kind of love that means more than just words:

Being married means getting to do fun things together:

And encouraging each other to make good decisions:

Marriage for parents includes setting a good example for your children:

And having someone who loves us in spite of our misjudgments:

It’s also nice to retain a little bit of mystery:

Okay, maybe a lot of mystery:

Lots and lots of mystery:

Being married means learning to appreciate the little things:

As well as how to spice things up:

So consider this a friendly reminder to be patient with your spouse. Give your wife a break the next time it takes her an hour to decide what she wants to eat. Or try not to get angry when your husband shouts from the couch instead of just getting up, like a normal person.

And above all else, remember to make time to laugh together because you’ll be stuck with each other for the foreseeable future, so you might as well make the most of it.

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