Got B.O.?

Get The Funk Out: Try These 11 Natural Deodorants For Kids, Tweens, & Teens

Puberty smells, man.

by Maria Tallarico
Originally Published: 
Natural Deodorant Saje

Kids, tweens, and teens may start wearing deodorant for a variety of reasons: They heard about it in health class, their friends are wearing it, they want to feel grown-up, they play a lot of sports or, the most pressing, their body is doing hormonal backflips and needs an assist between showers.

So, why deodorant and not antiperspirant? The key difference between the two is that deodorant works to neutralize (read: cover up) the smell, not prevent it. On the flip side, antiperspirants stop sweat using aluminum salts and many contain alcohol (for cool application and quick drying effect). A quick Google search of the pros and cons of both brings up myriad controversial headlines around the safety of using aluminum on underarms, which has led to an explosion of clean — aka aluminum-free — options.

What we do know for sure is that many families are aiming to keep their personal health products as natural as possible; here are 13 aluminum-free deodorant options that literally pass the smell test.

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