Here’s What You Need To Know About The 'Proud Boys'

by Paige Millington
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Proud Boys promoting political violence and supporting Trump.
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Remember a couple years ago when we felt that initial shock about what was happening in our country? When the Republican presidential candidate started inciting violence at his rallies and spewed the first of his hateful, racist, sexist rhetoric that no U.S. president should ever be caught saying?

Each time something abhorrent came out of his mouth, we thought “This is it. Finally. This will do his campaign in, and we can move forward.” But it never did. Not bragging about sexually assaulting women. Not insulting Mexican immigrants and labeling them all as rapists and drug-dealers. Not saying that Muslims are hateful people who don’t belong in our country.

Instead, much to the shock and dismay of millions, he became our president and the racism and sexism and bigotry that permeated his campaign continues to fan the flames of those who share in his disgusting beliefs. And the worst part is, we aren’t even surprised by it anymore.

And, apparently, when you spend your presidency holding ego-boosting rallies and publicly insulting anyone who dares to disagree with you on Twitter, more and more hate groups continue to emerge across the nation you’ve infected with your backwards ideologies.

One such group who allies with #MAGA and has been in the news quite a bit recently is the Proud Boys. Born in the midst of the tumultuous 2016 election year, the Proud Boys say things like “We don’t start fights, we finish them,” and “We’re ready to get violent and beat the f–k out of everybody.” And this has proven to be true, as the group has been caught on video numerous times committing horrific acts of violence from Portland to NYC.

So who are the Proud Boys? Founded by Gavin McInnes, they describe themselves as a fraternal group of “western chauvinists” who are working to spread an “anti-political correctness” and “anti-white guilt” agenda. Interestingly enough, they vehemently deny any connection to the racist “alt-right,” yet somehow they always end up alongside them in a fight. Hmmmm.

And in “spreading their message,” they sometimes find themselves on video nearly kicking people to death. Yep, that’s right. Literally kicking people to death.

The Proud Boys’ values also include being proudly anti-Islam, pro-second amendment, and of course, “venerating the housewife.” Basically, they are tired of hearing that white people (specifically white men) are responsible for, really, anything.

And, although any man of any race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation is welcome to don a black Proud Boys polo and join their white male pride tribe, McInnes also says it’s normal to be transphobic because transgender people are just “mentally ill gays.” Wait, it gets better. This misogynistic husband and father of three (let that sink in) also says that women “want to be downright abused by men,” which he apparently knows to be true because “Every guy I’ve ever known to be involved in a ‘domestic’ was the result of some cunt trying to ruin his life.”

So you can imagine how the Proud Boys feel about feminism.

SPLC reports that men must go through three rounds of initiation to officially be a Proud Boy. Step is 1 is to declare “I am a western chauvinist, and I refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.” Step 2 is to endure a beating (of course), and Step 3 is to brand yourself with a Proud Boys tattoo. Now you’re ready to join the melee in the streets and kick some ass in the name of saving the endangered white male culture!

Recent news stories from New York City and Portland have shown Proud Boys fighting groups like Antifa in large-group brawls that leave many bloodied and in hand-cuffs.

In Manhattan, the Metropolitan Republican Club invited Gavin McInnes to speak, but were then flooded with calls to cancel the event. Those calls eventually led to larger, louder protests that included spraying anti-facist graffiti on the doors of the building, gluing the locks with caulk, and throwing bricks through the window—all before McInnes even arrived. Not surprisingly, fighting eventually broke out on the streets between the Proud Boys and those who didn’t want them there.

New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo openly blamed the Trump administration afterwards for inciting such hate in our country. “Once you unleash hate and division and you demonize differences, you lose control of it. You can’t target it,” Cuomo said to reporters. “It’s lighting a match in a field of dry grass. The wind takes it and it just takes off.”

Cuomo also criticized the Republican club for even inviting the Proud Boys leader, who, during his visit, performed a reenactment of the murder of a Japanese socialist. The club, in turn, found Cuomo’s remarks offensive and claimed that they were the real victims here, as they now have to clean up the mess made by vandals.

And on the other side of our great nation we have the Proud Boys of Portland, OR. Portland, like NYC, is a hotbed for vocal liberals, which may be why groups like the Proud Boys tend to funnel their energy there. Already a city simmering with anger after the recent fatal police shooting of black man named Patrick Kimmons, Portland was about ready to explode. And it did, with protestors on one side shouting “Black Lives Matter” versus groups like the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer, who are openly opposed to the BLM movement.

The October 14 march led by the Proud Boys was in response to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Portland police using a “hands-off” approach when responding (or not) to small protests against police brutality the weekend before. The Proud Boys aren’t having it, and took to the streets themselves, which meant groups from the opposition showed up too.

Again, fists were thrown, pepper spray was used, and arrests were made.

So there’s the pattern. Racism, the belief that white male freedoms have been taken away or are, at least at risk, and violence.

Violence that sometimes includes guns too. As discovered by the Portland Police Department, Patriot Prayer (BFFs to the Proud Boys) was found to have quite the arsenal up on a rooftop that overlooked the bloodshed in the streets. These guys + guns = terrifying. But maybe terrorizing America is their goal.

That’s who the Proud Boys are, and as the Trump administration continues to rally across America, keep an eye out—they’re probably coming to a city near you. (Or, maybe they’re already there. Look for a bunch of angry white frat boys in black polos with yellow piping. And #MAGA hats.)

The Proud Boys are proud their of white skin and penises and want the world to know it. And they’re not afraid of kicking you to the ground to make sure you do.

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