30 Reasons Why I'm So F*cking Angry

by Amy Winter
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I’m angry that after watching over 600,000 Americans die, only 58% of the eligible population has gotten vaccinated against COVID-19.

I’m angry at people still refusing to wear masks, refusing to get the vaccines, and allowing this highly contagious variant to spread.

I’m angry that so many leaders are doing virtually nothing to stop the spread.

I’m angry that there aren’t mask mandates everywhere.

I’m angry that it’s taken folks watching people they love die to finally take this virus seriously.

I’m angry that so many people continue to value profits over human lives.

I’m angry that after this past year, people haven’t yet realized that things like masks and vaccines aren’t about “personal choice,” because becoming infected and spreading a virus affects us all.

I’m angry that people continue to argue that if you are fit and healthy, you will do just fine with COVID, ignoring the millions of “fit and healthy” people who have died from COVID.

I’m angry at people who don’t seem to give a shit about immunocompromised people, disabled people, or people with underlying medical conditions.

I’m angry that people don’t seem to care about the 43,000 children who have lost a parent to COVID.

I’m angry that people still don’t realize that COVID can be very serious in kids.

I’m angry that people think that over 540 kids dying from a virus in 18 months is “not a lot.”

I’m angry that, yet again, I have to choose between my kids’ mental health and their safety when I send them back to school.


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I’m angry that this school year is looking even less safe than last school year.

I’m angry at the “unmask our kids” crowd and their inability to understand that “parental choice” isn’t an option when it comes to public health.

I’m angry at the people who equate putting a mask on their kids with “child abuse,” not realizing how incredibly hurtful and offensive this is to people who are actually the victims of child abuse.

I’m angry at all the people and news networks and politicians and influencers spreading lies about the dangers of masks and vaccines.

I’m angry that all the people who got the vaccine are now at risk again, and are at risk of passing the virus to their unvaccinated kids.

I’m angry that I now have to worry that my fully vaccinated family members and friends might infect my unvaccinated child.

I’m angry that I have to worry about bringing the virus home to my unvaccinated child even though I’m fully vaccinated.

I’m angry that parents have largely been ignored during the pandemic, and it looks like we are facing yet another year of making lifestyle and financial sacrifices to keep our families safe.

I’m angry that it will be mostly women and moms who bear that burden.

I’m angry that we spent the spring saying, “Yay, the pandemic is over!” and talking about “Hot vaxxed summer” when so many people still hadn’t gotten vaccinated, and a highly contagious variant was already making its way around the globe.

I’m angry that leaders around the world haven’t been more bold in protecting their citizens, and haven’t taken proactive actions, often waiting until things are horrible to implement COVID safety measures.

I’m angry that it feels like people are learning nothing, waves of infections keep repeating themselves, and no one seems to know when it will end.

I’m angry about how the pandemic has affected our physical health and our mental health.

I’m angry that I have to keep disappointing my children.

I’m angry that my kids had to live through a year of their childhoods in isolation.

I’m angry that there will likely be periods of time this year, too, when they will have to isolate from others.

I’m angry that my kids have to live through yet another scary and deadly wave of COVID, even after vaccines are available to all the grown-ups and teens around them.

I’m angry that we are failing our kids, our elders, our families, our friends, and each other.

I am just so angry right now. So fucking angry.

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