My Friend Added Me To An Anti-Vax Facebook Group — Here's What I Saw

by An Anonymous Mom
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I am in a lot of different group pages on Facebook. Some are about being a mom, some are about clothes, and I am even in two about my dog’s breed. There is a lot of information out there and I like to know what’s going on. Recently there was a new group that a friend invited me to join. It was pertaining to schools in our community and I felt like that was an important group to be a part of. I need to stay abreast of what is happening with our kids and our schools right now. At the time, it seemed like a natural fit.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I began scrolling the group and realized that a lot of the posts were about masking. Or should I say, anti-masking. I thought that was weird. Sure, every group has one or two people who are off their rocker and think that COVID isn’t a threat, but six posts in a row? That seemed excessive. I continued to scroll. And I continued to be shocked by what I saw.

In addition to being an anti-masking group, they are also anti-vaxx. I suppose the two go hand-in-hand, but it is still jarring to me to read. I simply can’t comprehend how people think that not protecting their children is the right thing to do, yet here I was.

These are private groups, so I won’t quote them word for word, but you’ll get the gist.

“There is no way that I am juicing my kid.”

“Fauci and his sheep are dangerous and we know the truth.”

“If my kids’ school requires masks, we will just show up without them.”

“Masks make my kids feel sick and they are dangerous.”

“This is about our choice. They are taking away our freedom.”

No, morons, no one is taking away your freedom — they are protecting the common good. That is what we’re all supposed to be doing now. This is a global pandemic, not an outbreak of the common cold. There is so much bad information being spread by groups like this and their fan base is getting bigger.

First, let’s talk about your stance on masks, shall we? Do you understand how COVID is spread? I don’t think that you do, so here is a lesson straight from the CDC’s website. I know that you don’t trust them, but the rest of us who believe in science understand that this information is fact, not fiction.

“COVID-19 spreads when an infected person breathes out droplets and very small particles that contain the virus. These droplets and particles can be breathed in by other people or land on their eyes, noses, or mouth.”

OK, does that make sense? How about you, people in the back of the room protesting your school district’s mask mandate. Do you see why it might be important to cover your mouth if particles containing the virus could get it there? This is common fucking sense.

Let’s talk about those droplets one more time. Need a quick lesson on this one too?

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We talked about breathing in virus-infected particles. That is a biggie. They can also land on your face when someone sneezes or coughs and get into your eyes, nose and mouth. And then, you can also transmit it to yourself by touching your own face if it is on your hands. Please, for the love of God, tell me that you are washing your filthy hands. Or are you at least using hand sanitizer? If you aren’t, not only are you selfish, you are also stupid and dirty.

Now that we’ve been over that, shall we touch on the Delta variant that is affecting our kids? I think that we should. Yes, it is too early to tell how devastating this variant might be, but many hospitals are already seeing an uptick of pediatric patients. As reported by NBC News, “The number of very sick children admitted to Children’s Hospital New Orleans with Covid-19 has exploded over the past two weeks — from zero to 20.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Dr. Mark Kline, the hospital’s physician-in-chief, told NBC News. “We are seeing children fall ill that we just simply didn’t see in the first year of the pandemic, before the delta variant came along.”

That doesn’t frighten you even in the slightest? You would risk your child’s life because you think that they get too hot with a mask on? You are willing to put your child up against a deadly virus because your rights are being taken away? What fucking rights are you talking about?

“It should be obvious that all of this is about more than masks. Fundamentally, it is about the very meaning and viability of liberal democracy. The references to totalitarianism reflect a profound misunderstanding of the American Constitution and the values that undergird it. The values of liberal democracy have always been about individual rights and duties. Yes, the Constitution protects individual rights and limited government, but the core pillar of our government is the need to defend the lives of citizens against enemies. This includes Covid-19,” said the Washington Post.

When you say that your rights are being stepped on, you are simply proving your ignorance. Nowhere is it written that state or local governments cannot enforce rules to protect the common good of our communities. Once again, you feel that your rights are more important than keeping our most vulnerable safe from a virus that could kill them? You are selfish and your priorities are way out of fucking whack.

I also love the people in the groups that say that they are just going to ignore the rules and have their kids show up to school without a mask on the first day. Seriously? You are going to drop your kid off and subject them to potentially being reprimanded or humiliated because of your bullheadedness? That doesn’t make you a rebel; it makes you a shitty parent.

Get with the program, people, and fast. The quicker you pull your heads out of your asses, mask up and “get the jab,” the sooner this will go away. I visited my primary care physician last week and he said that if people don’t follow the masking and social distancing rules and get vaccinated this could go on for 10 years. Ten fucking years!

Maybe by then some of these children who you are thwarting will be adults and they can make their own decisions. Hopefully you will not have indoctrinated them with your bullshit and they will be wise enough to do the right thing.

I have called you selfish. I have called you dirty. I have called you stupid. I mean all of it. You are the reason that we are continuing to see COVID cases rise. You are the reason that children will continue to get sick, that people will continue to die needlessly. And you are the reason that this pandemic will last for years to come. Get a fucking life. Get a fucking shot. Put on a fucking mask. This is all your fucking fault.

P.S. I didn’t write this anonymously because I am afraid of you. I did it so that you won’t know who I am and I can continue to be a mole in your group and continue to monitor your frighteningly crazy information while spreading the truth.

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