Roller Coasters, A Water Playground, & More Reasons Why LEGOLAND® New York Is The Best Summer Trip

This under-the-radar park is only an hour from New York City.

Ahh summer. Season of sun, sand, and salty rims — unless you’re a mom. Then it’s the season of long days to fill. The good news? We’ve got just the way to fill them.

We’re talking about (drumroll, please) LEGOLAND® New York Resort, located in Goshen, NY in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Unlike other options that only work for one age group (and thus are sort of useless if you’ve got, say, a toddler and a tween), LEGOLAND® is great for kids ages 2 to 12. And with plenty to do indoors and out, there’s no wild weather that it can’t, well, weather. So what are you waiting for? Read on for more about your family’s new favorite destination.

First, Let’s Talk About The Park

Laughter. Squeals of delight. The roar of water fountains and the thwack of sandals slapping pavement.

To us, that’s what summer sounds like. And we want to make sure our kids experience all the joy of this magical time when school’s out, SPF is on, and everything feels a little like a daydream. Well, there’s just one place to do it.

Enter: LEGOLAND® New York. With everything from roller coasters (like the Dragon or the Dragon’s Apprentice for little ones), to a 4D indoor theater, to Driving School in LEGO® City — where kids ages 6 to 13 can earn a LEGOLAND® driver’s license — it’s every kid’s dream come true. Don’t even get us started on the Water Playground and the LEGO® Factory Adventure Ride. BTW for a limited time kids tickets are only $29.

Curious to learn more about the park’s exciting attractions? Try exploring the hot spots below!

And A Moment For The Very Cool Hotel

If a LEGO® bricks-loving kid were capable of designing, building, and running a hotel, this is what they’d dream up. All 250 of the rooms are themed, with options like LEGO®, NINJAGO®, LEGO® Friends, LEGO® Pirates, and LEGO® Kingdom. But real talk: the creator of this hotel must actually be a parent. Because every room has a separate sleeping area for kids featuring bunk beds, LEGO® treasure hunts, and LEGO® bricks galore to play with. So don’t worry about packing toys, and leave behind your fears about keeping the kids entertained. This hotel has you covered, and the whole family will be in heaven. Psst…don’t miss out on their Bundle & Save offers when you visit the park and stay at the hotel. Click around on the picture below to learn more about the hotel!