Please Stay Away From My Kids When You're Sick

by Kelsea Giroux
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A woman with a cold blowing her nose in public and trying to stay away from kids because she's sick
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I can’t believe this is something that people don’t quite comprehend. I understand there are germs everywhere, daycare, sports, playground, even the house, but when a grown adult deliberately comes face-to-face with my children knowing they are sick is what I have a problem with.

I don’t care who you are.

I know you love my children, who wouldn’t they’re so damn cute! You want to hug and love them, and guess what they want you to too, I get that! But here’s the thing… Germs don’t care whether you can’t keep your hands to yourself, they will attack my little babies immune system that hasn’t fully developed. Parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friends, friend of friend, your kids: I don’t care who you are, stop coming near my kids when you are sick.

I don’t care what you have.

“It’s just a little cough” or “my throats sore, but that’s it” or “it’s probably not contagious.” What many people don’t understand is a little cough or the sniffles to a little baby is ten times worse, and other than an aspirator and a humidifier, there’s not much you can do to soothe a baby. Not to mention if it’s worse than the “little cough” you thought it was, a baby or child could end up hospitalized or worse because their little lungs can’t handle it. So I don’t care if you have a cough, the sniffles, sore throat, chicken pox, or rabies, stop coming near my kids when you are sick.

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I don’t care the circumstance.

Maybe we are supposed to have a play date, maybe you are invited to my kid’s birthday party, maybe it’s a holiday, maybe you’re supposed to babysit… please for the love of pizza STAY HOME! There will always be a next time, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to spend time with my children, I can find a different babysitter. So please, I don’t care the circumstances, stop coming near my kids when you are sick.

Don’t be a d-bag.

If we still end up in the same vicinity as you, please respect when I say “Don’t get to close to my kids.” I’m not saying it to be an a**hole, I’m saying it to try to prevent them from catching the flu you may not know your “cough” is yet. You may get upset with me, storm off, even cuss, but don’t be a d-bag. Stop coming near my kids when you are sick.

Has it sunk in yet? Now, again, don’t get me wrong: I’m not naive, I know there are germs everywhere. It’s more about respect and common courtesy if you will. If we have plans, give me a heads up if you or your child are any sort of sick (even the sniffles) so I can make the call whether I want to expose my kids to your snot-infested toddler, as I would do the same for you.

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