The Undersummers Shortlette Are The Comfy, Cute Addition Your Wardrobe Needs This Summer

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A collage with three women weaing shortlettes under their summer dresses
Undersummers by CarrieRae

Growing up, I was a big fan of the skort. It seemed to have everything — for me, it felt like a feminine yet reliable choice. You could run, swing, and play without anyone seeing your underwear — which, by far, was one of the most embarrassing things that could happen as a kid. Unfortunately, the skort as a one-piece started going out of fashion when I was the ripe old age of six.

Having a daughter now made me revisit the joys of having a skort. The look was perfect for both picture day and recess, and dare I say, I was a little jealous that skorts were still “in fashion” for her age range. But, as I learned, there were other options for people like me who wanted a little bit of extra protection just in case it got windy anytime I chose to wear a flowy sundress.

One of those options? Shortlettes. The brand Undersummers makes a pretty fantastic product for people who love wearing skirts, but don’t like accidentally giving their neighborhood a “show.” (Because as it turns out, it’s equally as embarrassing for full-fledged adults.)

You might take one look and think that these shortlettes are like your standard shapewear pieces. And, you’d be wrong. Unlike shapewear, these have been created for the purpose of comfort.

The company’s products come in several colors and fits, since they seem to know that no two women are alike.

Some like a longer legging, and others prefer a bike short style. But, there is one thing that their products all have in common. Aside from keeping you covered down there, they also do a great job of protecting your thighs.

Unlike a lot of other shorts, Undersummers are only made with one layer. They have a seam-free inner thigh design that’ll prevent chafing, regardless of how hot it may be outside.

Prefer pants that have a high rise? You can find Undersummers that have a similar fit. Some types include lace, while others are more basic.

Undersummers are made from soft cotton modal fabric, which means they’re also pretty easy to wash. Just throw them in the laundry on cold, and you’ll be good to go.

While these were technically invented to wear under shorts and dresses, nothing’s stopping you from also wearing them as a cozy bottom while you sleep. They’re meant to mimic lingerie, so they might end up boosting your confidence the same way a silky camisole would.

“I want women to love wearing dresses,” said CarrieRae, Founder of Undersummers. “Dresses are fun, flirty, and a confidence booster. We make undergarments that help make that possible!”

Undersummers knows women so well that they even created a shortlette that has pockets. I know. Pockets.

Have a long skirt and hate that feeling when it sticks to your legs while you’re outside walking? Of course you do. Undersummers can help.

The company supplies all lengths, so you can find the perfect choice for you and your occasion.

The shortlettes, along with the other products offered by Undersummers, help you to appreciate the body you have. They’re meant to be an accessory you actually look forward to wearing, unlike some items of Shapewear that can pinch or make you feel a bit... suffocated.

And, they even sell Shortlettes for kids.

Will these one day officially wipe out my beloved skorts? Well, sigh — they might. But, they’re by far the superior product, so maybe it’s time for shortlettes to become the new norm when it comes to childhood play.

Since these don’t include a ton of layers, you don’t need to worry about them being too hot to wear as an extra layer in the summertime.

Aside from their products, Undersummers also seem to be really into their customer service. If you buy a pair that’s not right for you, they make it easy to start a return directly from their website. Not too many other companies make it that easy. Usually, you have to jump through hoops. But, in being forthright, it’s more apparent that Undersummers genuinely believes in their product. And, so will your thighs.

They also sell Undersummers for men. Because, turns out they hate chafing too.

So if you’re looking for a good Father’s Day or birthday gift, maybe a couple of pairs of anti-chafing boxers will be just what he’s looking for.

“Man, this company has everything,” you’re probably thinking. “Except dresses.”

Wrong. They’ve got those too. In fact, this t-shirt dress, which is available in sizes small to 5X, may be one of the comfiest you’ve ever owned.

Right now, comfort is in. Undersummers will help you feel even happier about your summer gear for 2022.

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