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The Worst Mother's Day Gifts You've Ever Gotten

You want the smallest of tokens, just not any of these.

by Team Scary Mommy
A comic book-style collage of a mother holding her baby, different household items, and gifts

It is a fact not scientifically proven that all moms just want to be given at least a handmade card and then be left the f alone on Mother’s Day. It is not a day in which we want to be given nothing. We want our lifelong, never-ending, 24/7 efforts to be recognized, damnit. But of course, as with everything else, our day inevitably won’t always go to plan; that is scientifically proven.

So we asked you, our dear readers, on both Facebook and Instagram for the absolute crappiest gifts you’ve ever gotten for Mother’s Day, and you didn’t disappoint. Below, in no particular order, are some of the best worst responses we got.

No matter what happens this year: We here at Scary Mommy see you, and appreciate you.

“A pedicure with my mother-in-law”

“Olive oil because my husband thought I’d “really like the bottle it came in.”

“First mother's day my husband gave me $50 to get that "grill I've been talking about." Yeah, I put it together and made dinner on it too. It's taken over 20 years, but he's gotten better”

“A dog hair remover brush”

Pajamas four years in a row... Please get me anything else.”

“A card that the child was meant to decorate but she was a month old so it was just plain white”

“Deodorant. I actually had wanted to try this new brand, but NOT as a gift”

“A Lazy Susan for the pantry. My husband had also already gotten me a Lazy Susan for Christmas”

“Wiper Blades”

“A gift card for a golf course my husband likes to play at. I don’t golf. Obviously he used it.”

“A mother's day card after I miscarried. The thought was nice but it hurt more than anything at that point”

“The line that I'm not HIS mother so he doesn't have to get me a gift”

“An offer to spend "quality" time with my kids by taking them out for a special activity that I would choose and arrange. I'm a stay-at-home mom. So I was offered: Nothing. Absolutely nothing different than I do every day. Yay. Yes, he really thought he was giving a good gift.”

“A vacuum and not a great vacuum either.”

Responses have been lightly edited for clarity.