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16 Cool TikTok Starbucks Drinks That Won’t Make The Barista Hate You (*Maybe)

Straight from #StarbTok’s secret menu.

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TikTok Starbucks drinks have gone viral, creating a must-try secret menu.
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Life before TikTok was, um, well, boring. Hate to say it (that's a lie). From parenting hacks and home organizing tips to family recipe ideas and sneaky ways to get your kid to eat more veggies, the social media platform has been a life raft for mamas. But anyone would be lying (or perhaps they just haven't had their morning cup of Joe yet) if they didn't say the best thing to come out of TikTok is Starbucks' secret drink menu. You may have even seen some of these wild new TikTok Starbucks drinks — created by 'Bux baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike — on your TikTok "For You Page" because they're *that* popular. A Frappuccino created after our favorite candy? A Taylor Swift-inspired iced bevvie? Where do I order?

If you're a die-hard Starbie, you know how easy it is to get into a comfortable rhythm of ordering the same drink every time. Hey, no judgment! Favorites are called favorites for a reason. They're familiar, scrumptiously delicious, and you know they'll hit the spot every time. However, the Starbucks concoctions all over TikTok are viral for a reason, too. So maybe trying a new Starbucks bev from time to time isn't such a bad idea.

Secret Menu Ordering Etiquette

TikTok Starbucks drinks can be ordered in-store, in person, or via the Starbucks app, but remember that you'll have to type or reiterate to your barista the order's specifications as these drinks aren't on the official Starbucks menu. Also, as hard as it may be with a kicking toddler in the back seat, try to be patient with your barista. They may ask you to repeat a syrup flavor or fruit inclusion, or take an extra few minutes to make your customized drink. This can be uncharted territory for them as well!

Viral "StarbTok" Drinks to Try First

The next time you're looking for an alternative to your daily cold brew or a dessert-inspired Frap, pull out this handy cheat sheet. There's something for everyone, including the kiddos.

1. The Sunset Drink

If Hawaii were a Starbucks drink, it’d be this tropical-looking iced beverage. This fruity lemonade drink obviously gets its name because it looks like a gorgeous sunset.

  • How to order it: Venti Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade, no dragonfruit inclusions. Add peach tea and passion tea on top.

2. Skittles Frappuccino

Tasting the rainbow never tasted (or looked) so good! This viral Starbucks creation boasts flavors of strawberries, vanilla, and raspberry.

  • How to order it: Venti Strawberry Creme Frappuccino with four pumps vanilla, plus one and a half pumps raspberry.

3. Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Looking for a sugary jolt to kick-start your morning? This Starbucks spin on Vietnamese iced coffee is equal parts strong and sweet. It’s not traditional Vietnamese iced coffee, but it’s close enough to satisfy the craving.

  • How to order it: Double-shot with classic syrup and extra vanilla sweet cream.

4. Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

If this dessert Frappuccino tastes as delicious as it looks, then those with a sweet tooth may be in trouble. RIP to this week’s coffee budget.

  • How to order it: Venti Strawberry Creme Frappuccino with three scoops vanilla bean, four pumps white mocha, and three pumps cinnamon dolce.

5. Super Strawberry Refresher, aka “The TikTok Drink”

This fruity thirst quencher has become such a viral sensation that Starbucks customers are nicknaming it “The TikTok Drink.” The base drink is a Strawberry Acai Refresher. After adding a generous pour of lemonade, it’s basically like summer in a cup!

  • How to order it: Venti Strawberry Acai Refresher with light lemonade and strawberry puree.

6. Hot Cocoa Cold Brew

The hot cocoa cold brew is a chocolate lover’s dream. If you cringe at the thought of drinking hot cocoa during the summer, you can still get your chocolate fix thanks to this iced cold brew.

  • How to order it: Venti Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, but with only two pumps of vanilla. Add four pumps mocha and one pump toasted white mocha topped with chocolate shavings and chocolate powder.

7. Iced Hazelnut Latte With Sweet Cream Foam and Caramel Drizzle

Unlike many viral Starbucks drinks, this creation’s name doubles as its recipe. You don’t have to memorize a litany of crazy instructions, and your barista won't be annoyed by your off-the-menu request.

  • How to order it: Venti Iced Hazelnut Latte with sweet cream foam and topped with caramel drizzle.

8. Andes Mint Cold Brew

Ask any coffee enthusiast — cold brew is all the rage right now. So it makes perfect sense why heavenly cold brew creations like this one are taking over TikTok. Peppermint syrup tends to be a seasonal ingredient at Starbucks, so double-check with the barista if you plan on ordering it outside of Christmastime.

  • How to order it: Venti Cold Brew with three pumps mocha and three pumps white mocha. Top the drink with cold foam with two pumps peppermint syrup blended in and chocolate shavings.

9. Iced White Mocha

White Mocha may sound like a run-of-the-mill drink, but this TikTok recipe will change the way you see this caffeinated beverage. Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it's a classic with a delicious twist.

  • How to order it: Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha with sweet cream form and extra caramel drizzle. That means there’s caramel goodness on the inside of the cup and on top!

10. Sour Patch Kids Refresher

First, they're sour; then, they're sweet. Sour Patch Kids are not only a yummy candy treat, but they also make a sweet summer Starbucks drink. How does sour and coffee mix, you ask? Here's how to order it.

  • How to order it: Venti Strawberry Acai Lemonade with three pumps of classic syrup and three pumps of raspberry syrup. Ask for a bit of passion tea at the top.

11. Sugar Plum Matcha

A pink and green tornado, the Sugar Plum Matcha may just be the prettiest drink on the secret Starbucks menu, seriously. The iced drink still has all the bold flavors of matcha, but with a fruity undertone.

  • How to order it: Iced Matcha with two pumps of vanilla. Ask for dragon inclusions, blended into the sweet cream on top.

12. Zebra Mocha, Inspired by the movie Madagascar

Do you like to move it, move it? Because we like to move it…all the way down to Starbies and get ourselves one of these Marty-inspired iced coffees.

  • How to order it: Iced Venti made up of half white mocha and half mocha. Ask the barista to top it off with sweet cream and mocha drizzle.

13. Galaxy Caramel

The best way to win over an astrologer's heart? With a galaxy-themed drink, of course. Caffeine-free, Galaxy Caramel is a milk-based drink with mocha syrup, vanilla syrup, cookies, and lots of caramel.

  • How to order it: First, ask the barista to coat the inside of the cup with caramel drizzle. Add five pumps of caramel and mocha, milk, and ice. Blend milk, vanilla, cookies, and one pump of cream base together and pour on top.

14. Skinny Pink Drink

The infamous Pink Drink at Starbucks — also known as the Strawberry Açaí Refreshers Beverage — is a fan favorite, but it packs a lot of sugar. If you’re looking for a midday pick-me-up that won’t leave you jittery, try the Skinny Pink Drink. It’s low-cal and not as heavy on the sugar.

  • How to order it: Venti Iced Passion Tango Tea with coconut milk, two Stevia, two pumps of sugar-free vanilla, and no water.

15. Lavender Haze

This one goes out to all the Swifties. Inspired by the first track off Midnights, this lavender drink tastes best under the sun while listening to T-Swift on repeat.

  • How to order it: Venti Iced Passion Tea with soy milk. Ask for six pumps of vanilla syrup (or less if you don’t want to slip into a sugar comatose) and berry inclusions.

16. Tequila Sunrise Refresher

This tequila mocktail tastes like summertime in a cup! We can already envision ourselves enjoying a Tequila Sunrise Refresher by the beach or while floating in the pool — and we can easily see it becoming our favorite cocktail mixer.

  • How to order it: Venti Lemonade with pineapple refresher, two pumps of raspberry, and passion tango on top.

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