Take This Quiz To Get Paired With Your Perfect Cup Of Coffee, Then Get It Delivered To Your Door

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Trade Coffee

Like many people, I’ve embraced staying at home. And, it’s become a lot easier, after deeming 2022 as “the year of fun subscription services.” Why spend money on gas when you can have something delivered directly to you?

Once you try one subscription service, you become a real believer. I started with wine. Then, makeup. Then, pre-made lunches. And then, I got tired of those and started looking for more things I could try. Who doesn’t love getting mail? Especially edible mail! Imagine my shock when I learned fresh coffee was also something I could buy without hitting up the grocery store.

Coffee has always had a special place in my heart. And now, as a parent, I straight up need coffee to better enjoy my entire day. There’s something so special about that first cup. It’s something I genuinely look forward to every morning. For these reasons and more, I’m grateful that a company like Trade coffee exists.

You know who else might love a coffee subscription? Any of the dads in your life and right now you can get $30 off plus free shipping. Consider this your sign to buy that father’s day gift asap.

So, what’s Trade coffee?

Trade is a company that’s set to know you on more of a personal level. After all, how you take your coffee can say a lot about you. Personally, I love black coffee with three Splendas, and you can blame that solely on my “sarcastic, bitter teen” phase since I started getting into coffee as a sarcastic and bitter teen. While friends may call me crazy for sticking by this combination even years later, the folks at Trade understand. They know that everyone’s different, and nobody’s idea of a “perfect cup” will truly be alike.

That’s why they start you off with a quiz, to learn more about you.

Once they figure out the kind of coffee you like, Trade takes it from there. And don’t worry, if you don’t love your first coffee, they’ll replace it for free.

With over 450 varieties, they’ll try their hardest to match you up with the blend that’s right for you. (If you’re curious, I matched with the brand Necessary out of Lancaster, PA. And I actually used to live there, so this quiz is damn good.) By taking some of the emotional labor out of your morning caffeine choices, you’ll see making coffee as less of a chore. Trade will eliminate the need to go out and grab a coffee, saving you time, energy, and money as well.

Not into quizzes? If you already know your favorite flavors, you can directly peruse their offerings.

Do you like a bold, comforting cup of coffee? Trade has a whole section dedicated directly to this flavor profile. These coffees are great at the beginning (or end of) your day (or, middle of the night since the baby won’t stop crying, and, well, you might as well stay up. I digress.)

If you’re the type of coffee drinker that depends a lot on cream or added syrups, then you might want to check out their “made to be sweet” section. I bet you never thought that some coffees were roasted to better complement the add-ons. See? You’re already learning more about coffee from Trade.

Speaking of, Trade really is a wonderful company if you want to learn more about the roasting process, and what goes into growing the perfect bean. With this knowledge, you can even buy coffee by region, much like you can with wine.

Trade also lets you peruse their selection by roast strength.

You might see yourself as a light roast person, yet have no idea... what that means, exactly.

According to Trade, light roast means that the coffee may be more acidic, with each coffee bean really expressing its flavor. Despite its name, light roast coffees are seen as being a bit stronger.

That means parents, you might want to peruse the light roast category. Like, right now. It can be the difference between a good day and an “Oh man, I zoned out while watching The Price Is Right again day.

Trade currently has 169 varieties of light roast, and they’re all worth trying. But dark roast fans, I haven’t forgotten about you.

Dark roasts are a bit more elusive. Trade offers 34 coffees that fall under the dark roast category, which will give you a more full-bodied cup of coffee. Dark roast is a great choice if you’re starting to notice a change in your caffeine tolerance, as they usually have less caffeine than other types.

And of course, there’s the beloved medium roast.

Medium roast is a popular category since it’s a nice in-between. Consider it like the milk chocolate of roasts. It’s always dependable. As of right now, Trade has over 300 options to choose from in the medium roast category. Why not try them all? (Just not on the same day, since heart palpitations are never fun.)

How much is a Trade coffee subscription?

Coffee fans will be happy to know that Trade is incredibly priced for what you get. Trade offers several different levels of subscriptions that you can gift (psst, Father’s Day is coming up) ranging from two bags for $40 up to 12 bags for $228.

Right now, you can get $30 off your order plus free shipping, meaning that it’s a great time to give it a try (or pick up that father’s day present).

And if you really like coffee, it’s definitely worth trying. Trade is the best way to try a variety of different blends from around the United States without having to leave your house.

Here’s what some Trade customers had to say.

“Nowhere else offers such a variety of coffees and the experience of knowing where coffee is from, how to brew it, and how roasters roast their coffee! Trade is 10/10 easy!” - Jacob

This may be a good time to mention that Trade also has great coffees if iced coffee is your favorite. It’d be nice to find some great new varieties before summer hits.

“Subscription services rarely live up to their hype. Trade is the exception. It’s a true luxury to drink coffee roasted two days ago and I highly recommend it to any daily coffee drinker.” - John

John’s right in saying that the beans were roasted mere days ago. That’s another reason why Trade stands out from the rest. Not only is your coffee personalized to your liking, but they pride themselves on delivering beans at the peak of freshness.

But, Trade is more than just beans.

There are plenty of great ways to make coffee that you might not have tried yet. Trade offers a few choice products to up your at-home coffee game.

That includes this cute pour-over system, if you know anyone who’s looking to switch coffee brewing methods.

In need of a new kettle? How about this adorable gooseneck power kettle? This is a great find if you’re working on your perfect pour.

They also have a French press, if you’re looking to ditch your Keurig and find something a bit more environmentally friendly. Make 2022 the year you fully morph into a “coffee person.”

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