Hello, Fall Flavors!

15 Trader Joe’s Fall Foods That Are Worthy Of Your Autumnal Obsession

From someone who’s tried them all.

Trader Joe's pumpkin bisque remains one of their favorite fall products.
Trader Joe's

I’ve tried every TJ’s fall food under the autumn sun — and there’s a lot. Shopping for seasonal foods can be extremely overwhelming. So, why not let a TJ’s connoisseur like me do all the work for you? Keep tapping to see which TJ’s fall-flavored products are worth your buck.

Trader Joe's

Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Mix

This mouthwatering pumpkin bread mix is the holy grail of Trader Joe’s pumpkin food products, trust me. I prefer to use the mix for muffins. They always come out super fluffy, and your home will smell like a pumpkin patch afterward.

Trader Joe's