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9 Wellness Products You Didn't Know You Could Get At Bath & Body Works

Take your self-care game to the next level with Moxy.

Bath & Body Works' Moxy line is chock full of wellness products you might not expect at B&BW.
Bath & Body Works

B&BW has entered the wellness space! Its Moxy line specializes in face products for sensitive, dry, and oily skin as well as hair treatment for wavy, curly, straight, and coily hair. You can even shop for dietary supplement gummies (who knew, right?) Take a peek ahead.

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There are four formulas under Moxy’s shampoo category, catered to each hair type: wavy, curly, straight, and coily. Albeit, they’ll all leave your hair smelling like sparkling bergamot, white tea, cactus water, and blonde woods.

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