Your Home Could Seem So Much More Expensive With Any Of These 50 Products Under $30

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Written by Karen Belz
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I have to admit something — I’m obsessed with shopping on Amazon. Everything from fancy apparel to housewares has arrived at my home straight from the Amazon warehouse. And, I’ve been impressed with almost everything I’ve gotten.

It may seem strange to remodel your home with Amazon products. But once you start, you’re bound to become a believer. In fact, Amazon can make you look like you have a five-star home on a small budget. Even small additions to your home can be life-changing. For example, the type of straws you use. Amazon can help you ditch the plastic and embrace silicone. This small step can make an environmental difference (and, you might find that your teeth prefer the switch as well.)

Similarly, even products like fancy tissue box covers can make your home feel a bit more extravagant. Not all changes to your home need to be big. In fact, sometimes it’s the little touches that can make guests feel like they’re visiting an upscale residency. Changing up your curtains is also a nice change you can make on a budget. Certain curtains let in different amounts of light, meaning you can adjust the room’s entire mood in just a short amount of time.

Check out this list of other great items that’ll make your home look expensive. And even better, every item on this list happens to be under $30, so they’re all wallet-friendly.


A Charging Station That’ll Keep Your Electronics In One Place

Raise your hand if you’re the type of person to lose your phone multiple times per week. (You can’t see me, but my hand is raised.) When I’m at work, I depend on a charging station like this one from Nasuque to keep everything I need charged and in the same place at the same time. If you store the station out of reach, it’s also a great way to avoid the temptation of looking at your phone, doubling your productivity. It’s a win-win-win.


Mason Jar Scones That’ll Add A Sense Of Delight To Any Room

These wall-hung mason jar sconces are bound to brighten up any room in the house. If you like flowers but feel worried about displaying faux flowers, this is a good way to subtly introduce them into the home. These come in a set of two, but you might want to buy a few sets to make a big impression.


A Box Of Faux Roses That’ll Add A Romantic Touch

Once you realize how much faux flowers can make a positive impression, you might be willing to introduce them in other ways. This box of artificial roses is wonderful to have around, especially if you’re big into crafting. Make a gorgeous fall wreath, or simply use these to showcase a gorgeous vase. They’re a great way to add a helpful pop of color to any room. You get 25 roses per box, and you can buy them in red, pink, and white.


A Magnetic Dry-Erase Board That’ll Keep You On Task

If you’re a parent, you probably have around 90 things floating around in your head right now, from “when does soccer camp start?” to “what’s for dinner tonight?” Ease your mind by utilizing a dry erase board. Not only can it keep the whole family on the same page, but it’ll serve as your brain’s assistant. This version beats other dry erase boards since it’s stain resistant for 40 days. The accessories are also magnetic and hard to lose.


A Dishwasher Magnet That’ll Help Prevent Double Washes

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if the dishes in your dishwasher are clean or just hanging out until the next cycle. This magnet will flawlessly solve the “are these dirty?” debate. They work well on stainless steel models and are waterproof and durable. It’s a small accessory that’ll save you more time than you realize — and, it may also end up saving you some money on your water bill. You can buy them in white or blue.


These Silicone Straws That Are Much Fancier Than The Plastic Kind

It’s great to have a pack of reusable straws in your purse, especially if you’re a parent and happen to travel a lot. But, they’re also great to have in your home — and make a pretty big statement. They’re also built to last, as one happy Amazon customer learned after having them for two years. “Love these straws. We use them everyday. Perfect size and they have not shown any wear and tear so the durability is great,” they said.


A Popcorn Popper That The Kids Can Safely Use

If you’ve already bought the aforementioned popcorn bags, now you need the actual popcorn popper. This is a great upgrade for anyone who’s still using their microwave to try and achieve the perfect pop. Since it’s made of silicone, it’s easy for kids to use without risking unnecessary burns or accidents. This popper will yield around 15 cups of popcorn and can be either hand-washed or thrown in the dishwasher after use. The real question is, which of the 13 vibrant color choices will you pick?


A Silicone Mat That’ll Protect Your Furniture From Heat And Spills

One of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned is how to take care of furniture. I admit, back in the day, a lot of dressers suffered from scratches, burn marks from hot tools, and nail polish remover spills. This silicone mat has many purposes, one being a great place to rest a straightener or hair curler. You can also use it to secure a hot dish or drinking glasses that need a safe spot to dry. It’s both waterproof and can withstand temperatures up to 480° F. Your home will thank you if you invest in a few of these.


Champagne Glasses That Won’t Shatter During Your Toast

Champagne is a special drink that’s often brought out when it’s time to celebrate. Thus, it’s safe to assume that having a champagne glass shatter would stop any celebration in its tracks. These disposable flutes will allow the party to continue without incident. They’re also reusable and BPA-free. They’re the perfect way to make any gathering more extravagant on a budget.


A Weatherproof Doorbell That You Can Easily Install Yourself

After buying this SadoTech doorbell, you’ll officially be qualified to put “Doorbell Installer” on your resume. This set is easy for anyone to assemble and will change the way you greet guests. With 50 doorbell chime sounds, you’ll have a blast figuring out which one speaks to you. This doorbell will also survive through all types of weather conditions and comes with a battery that’ll last around three years before it needs to be replaced.


A Rug Gripper That’ll Make Your Rugs Stay Put

You know what can easily make a home look unkempt? A bunched up rug. Solve that problem easily and inexpensively with a non-slip rug pad. Aside from making rugs more safe for you and your guests, it will also make your home look a lot tidier. This gripper can be trimmed to accomodate any size rug.


Furniture Grips That’ll Help Your Couches Stay In Place

Your rug isn’t the only thing that tends to slip and slide around. Heavy furniture can also slide on wood floors. These furniture grippers are good for when you intend to move couches and chairs around, as they won’t leave unsightly scratches on your floor. They can also help level and secure furniture. “These pads are the only ones I’ve tried that prevent movement of the furniture. Moreover, I’ve found them to be useful for preventing small appliances (microwave, toaster oven, etc.) from slipping on counter tops,” said one Amazon customer.


A Salt Rimmer That’ll Help You Make Delicious At-Home Margaritas

If you’re having guests over, try making luxurious drinks with this glass salt rimmer. Perfect for margarita fans, this rimmer separates out both sugar and salt to avoid cross-contamination (and questionable drinks). It’s a great addition to a home bar, and would also make a great gift for the aspiring mixologist in your life.


A Lazy Susan That’ll Flawlessly Display Your Spice Collection

For some reason, a lazy Susan will always be appealing. This one is meant to help display ingredients, but you can also use it as a place to showcase succulents or other small décor. Its light wood color will match any room in your home. “Small enough to be tucked away in the corner but large enough to hold all my many spices,” raved one Amazon customer. “Very easy to put together, came with all the screws.”


A Glass Drink Dispenser That’ll Make It *Apparent* That You Have The Best Party House

Some places are better to gather at than others — and with this glass drink dispenser, you’ll be sending the message that your house is prepared for a crowd. This mason jar-themed dispenser holds up to a gallon of your choice of beverage and would be the perfect way to display sangria or homemade iced tea. One clever Amazon reviewer even put laundry detergent in hers and sent it to live in the laundry room. This thing is incredibly versatile.


A Bidet That’ll Make You Rethink Everything You Know About Your Bathroom Habits

Have you gotten a bidet yet? If not, now’s a great time. Not only is this bidet attachment easy to install, but it’ll change the way you use the bathroom entirely. Not only will you significantly cut down on toilet paper usage, but you’ll feel fresh and clean daily. This attachment will let you have more control over your water pressure, and even has a feminine wash feature that new moms will love. But the best part of all is that it only takes 15 minutes to install.


A Bag Holder That’ll Help Make Reusing Bags Even Easier

It’s incredible to reuse plastic bags. But, they can really junk up your home until they find their secondary purpose. Luckily, bag holders like this one from Greenco offer a solution. This stainless steel holder will hold, on average, around 30 bags without turning your pantry into an eyesore. You can install it right on your wall.


These Organizer Bins That’ll Make “Fridge Clean-Out Day” A Breeze

Nobody loves going through their fridge to get rid of old, stale food. But these refrigerator organizer bins will miraculously turn an hour-long task into a 15-minute one. When everything has a place, it’s much easier to know what needs to be purged. This set comes with six clear pieces that are easy to clean. If your fridge is already full, these also work well in a pantry.


A Screen That’ll Keep The Bugs Out This Summer

Listen — indoor bugs happen. And if you have kids, there’s a good chance you’re fully aware of every spider and fly that makes its way indoors, because surely they’ve been pointed out. Try to lessen the issue this summer with this magnetic screen that’ll keep the pests away when you’re barbecuing outside. It works well with pets, and doesn’t require hands — so, food can be transported from the kitchen to the patio with ease.


A Pot And Pan Organizer That Will Free Up A Ton Of Kitchen Space

It’s amazing how quickly pot and pan drawers can become cluttered. Change things up (and display some of your most colorful cookware) with this wall organizer from Greenco. It’s made from coated iron metal, meaning it’s strong enough to hold items that weigh up to 22 pounds. In total, it has 15 hooks for all of your most-used items. If you’re living in a small apartment, this might be the easiest way to save space in the kitchen.


An Ice Bucket That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re In A Hotel

When you think of ice buckets, you probably think of home bars and hotels — both things that feel pretty luxurious. While it’d be a great addition to your home bar, it’s also a really handy accessory to have around if you enjoy entertaining. It’s a great way to allow guests to be able to control the coolness of their drinks. Customers are pretty happy with it, with over 4,800 people giving this ice bucket a solid five-star rating on Amazon.


A Trendy Patio Light You’ll Never Have To Replace

If you have a deck or patio area, you might be in the market for a good light that will let you stay outside a little longer. This patio light is incredible for those who already own patio furniture, including an umbrella for shade. The LED lights that attach to these poles offer a 75-lumen, 4000K bright white glow that’ll last forever and help keep any outdoor party going. All you need are 3 AA batteries to get it started.


A Bath Mat That’ll Upgrade Any Shower Stall

When it comes to luxurious living, don’t forget to think about your shower. Adding this bamboo bath mat into the mix will make you feel like you’re on vacation. Created with a non-slip surface, this mat will also add extra safety to your shower stall. Its elevated design will also ensure that water doesn’t pool up by your feet. You can also use this outdoors, for pools or outdoor showers.


A Tea Box That You Can Bring Out After Dinner

How classy is it when you’re out to eat and someone ends their meal with a cup of tea? Usually, the waiter or waitress brings out a cute tea box with selections to choose from. Now, you can do that at home. This box contains 10 different compartments to store everything from Green to Oolong. You can also use it to store sugar packets to accompany your beverage.


A Bath Pillow That Also Cushions Your Neck And Shoulders

Your bathtub may be one of the most relaxing spots in your house. Why not turn it into a true oasis? Adding a bathtub pillow to the mix is a complete upgrade worth making. This model uses AirMesh technology, meaning it can breathe and stay cool. It also has six suction cups to prevent you from sliding. “Best bath pillow ever, hands down,” said one happy Amazon reviewer. “The neck support at the top makes all the difference.”


Under Bed Storage That’ll Give You A Ton Of Free Closet Space

It can be tough figuring out what to wear these days, with the weather being so unpredictable. If you’re in need of extra storage so that your sweaters and short sleeves are still both accessible, these storage bags will be the perfect solution. Each bag has a tear-proof reinforced handle, allowing you to easily and quickly pull them out. They’re also fantastic for old kids clothes you want to hang onto, or even holiday decorations. With a clear PVC window on top, you don’t have to guess what’s inside before opening.


A Milk Frother That’ll Turn Your Home Into A Café

Everyone can make their own coffee at home. But, not everyone can make their own latte. Up your coffee game and impress your guests with this milk frother that’ll become your new favorite kitchen tool. Aside from frothing up milk, you can also use this on smoothies, or even eggs. You can also get it in one of seven colors, so it can match your kitchen décor.


Under-Cabinet Lighting You Can Turn On And Off With Just A Tap

It’s amazing how much mystique you can add to your kitchen by adding the right lighting. These wireless lights run on 2 AA batteries and will stay lit for around 100 hours. Even better, all you need to do to turn them on is tap. They’re great to add to any space that could benefit from a little extra light. They’d also look great to help illuminate a bookshelf.


These Stick On Push Lights That’ll Help Brighten Up Small Spaces

On the topic of illuminating bookshelves, these touch lights from Brilliant Evolution are another budget-friendly way to light up a small space. These push lights can be installed either with screws or with adhesive tape — both of which are included in the pack. You can add them to closets or your child’s play area to help brighten them up.


This Cold Brew Maker That’ll Positively Change Your Morning Routine

There’s nothing like cold brew. Being able to have some in your own home may feel like a luxury, but it’s possible with this coffee maker from Bean Envy. It makes four cups at a time, which is what working moms like to call “a serving size.” The pitcher is easy to clean, and the coffee itself is simple to make. In fact, one fan said it was “the easiest method of cold-brewing I have done so far.”


These Rug Corners That’ll Help Get Rid Of Your Rug-Curling Problem

Is there anything more obnoxious than a curled rug? It’s easy to trip over, hard to vacuum, and might make your place look slightly less posh than you hoped. Fortunately, there’s a solution — the iPrimio NeverCurl. This gadget was designed to help rugs keep their shape. Safe to use on any floor, it’ll help flatten your rug in just seconds. Plus, it’s much cheaper than investing in a whole new rug.


Moscow Mule Mugs That’ll Add Something Special To Your Gathering

Moscow mules are becoming more popular these days. This set of four mugs will keep your drinks incredibly cold, which is the best way to serve them. Made from stainless steel and copper, they’re easy to clean when the party is over, and can also be used to keep non-alcoholic drinks at the perfect temperature for summer.


Pillow Covers That’ll Give Any Room An Instant Update

Never doubt the power of pillows. Not only are they important for a mid-day nap, but they can also help set the tone of the room you’re in. They’re a great way to add an additional pop of color to a living room. These covers are available in over 35 bright shades, meaning that they may be the easiest and most inexpensive way to upgrade your living space. There are nine sizes to choose from, so you can redecorate your whole house in just a few clicks.


A Ceramic Vanity Tray That’s The Perfect Place To Store Jewelry

Taking care of jewelry and knick-knacks would be a lot easier with this gorgeous ceramic vanity tray. Versatile enough to fit in any room, this could fit anything from keys in the living room to medications in your bathroom. Even sweeter, the company that made this tray is big on giving back, sharing some profits with Zoe International, an organization fighting to end human trafficking.


A Motion Sensor LED Light That’ll Help You Easily Find Your Locks

We’ve all had that one experience — you get home really late, and can barely find your front door. When it’s dark outside, keyholes seem to disappear into the night. This LED light will solve that issue while also making you feel like you’re entering an exclusive manor or villa. At such a low price, you’ll wonder why every home doesn’t have motion sensor lights like these.


A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker You Can Easily Travel With

Do you wish that your showers were just slightly more musical? Do you travel a lot, and want to ensure your kids have a device that can jam out “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” whenever necessary? Or, do you just like entertaining large groups? This speaker is the purchase you never knew you needed. It’s lightweight enough for everyone to use, and it can pair up with most phones and tablets.


These Unique Geode Coasters That’ll Protect Your Tabletops

If I could go back and do one thing differently in my early 20’s, it’d be using coasters. Not only are coasters a great way to protect your furniture, but they can also add to the general decor of a room. These agate coasters are a good place to start. They’re visually appealing and actually made from dyed geodes, adding an extra level of cool. That means that every set is unique in its own way.


A Grout Pen That’ll Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

It’s important to scrub your tiles, but it’s a task. And, not everyone has a ton of time to refresh their bathroom floors every week. Instead, revamp your tiled floors with a grout pen. Clean grout will instantly make the bathroom look clean and tidy in half the time. You can also use it in the kitchen to make tiles look brand new.


Wood Cleaner That’ll Make Your Furniture Stand Out

Here’s the thing with wood — in order for it to look its best, it needs to be properly taken care of. Luckily, the solution is easy. This Guardsman spray will easily remove residue without leaving its own mess behind. It sprays out a foam that isn’t sticky or unpleasant to use, and a quick wipe will help restore your furniture and remove all unsightly water spots.


Hanging Deodorizers That Can Quickly Freshen Up Any Small Space

Remember: there aren’t any terrible smelling, expensive homes out there. Scent is big when it comes to building a welcoming environment. These hanging closet deodorizers will help refresh smaller spaces without being too obtrusive. While they’re popular in lavender, you can also buy them in scents like rose, jasmine, and sandalwood. “It makes my closet smell like a spa,” noted one Amazon reviewer.


Bed Sheets So Comfortable That It’ll Be Even Harder To Wake Up Every Morning

What would you do if your bed suddenly resembled a bed you’d find in a hotel? It’s actually easier to make this transition than you think. These CHK sheets may change your entire nighttime routine. With deep pockets and an easy fit, these wrinkle-free sheets may become your new favorites. Available in 45 colors and prints, you might find yourself picking up multiple sets.


Touch-Up Paint Pens That’ll Keep Your Walls Looking Fresh

Instead of having an old collection of paint cans stuck in your garage for touch-ups, why not opt for touch-up paint pens? After storing your paint in these pens, they’ll stay fresh for seven years. They’re great for small dings in your paint without having to make a big production over the fix and have over 2,000 five-star ratings on Amazon from happy homeowners.


Gap Covers For Your Stove That’ll Reduce Crumbs And Mess

It can be hard to keep an immaculate kitchen — especially if you have kids. Lucky, Linda and her stove gap covers are here to save the day. Who’s Linda? I’m not sure, but she’s likely someone I’d be friends with, as she obviously understands the frustration a stove gap can bring. These can withstand heat up to 446° F and can be cut to size to fit your space perfectly. They’re a great accessory for any kitchen.


These Strainer Stoppers That Can Help Keep Your Drains Clear

Are you worried about clogging your drains? In the kitchen, these strainer stoppers can prevent a ton of food particles from getting in your pipes and wreaking havoc. These can also plug in your sink, if you’re looking to let your dishes soak. They’re easy to use, easy to clean, and BPA and PVC-free.


A Box To Keep All Of Your Stray Cables Organized And Out Of The Way

There’s nothing that screams “college dorm room” like a mess of cables. Get them organized with this cable management box, which you can buy in small or large. You’ll end up saving a lot of space while also ensuring that guests don’t trip over your mountain of cords. After buying one of these, you’ll wonder how you lived without.


Refrigerator Shelf Liners That’ll Make Your Fridge Cleaner And Brighter

Listen, I’d snag these solely for the chance to make my refrigerator look like a rainbow. But as a bonus, these shelf liners do a lot of work in keeping your fridge clean from accidental spills. Unlike the shelves in there, these are easy to wipe clean. They can also be used to jazz up drawers or bookshelves, if they also need a pop of color.


LED Lights That Will Upgrade Your TV-Watching Experience

These LED lights are meant to be added to the back of your television to enhance your TV-watching experience. But, they’re not just for use with your TV — you can also use them all around your home. “The quality of this light strip is absolutely amazing! The 3M adhesive backing is very strong and easy to reposition. I love the fact that the corner connectors are already there for easy installation,” said one Amazon customer.


Candle Holders That’ll Elevate Any Tabletop

Candles are an excellent way to add some ambiance to any space. Class yours up a little more with these black metal candleholders that can transform your average candle into a real centerpiece. These are especially good for wax pillar candles or LED candles. You get three in a set.


These Curtain Tie-Backs That Look Elegant AF

Now that you’ve bought new curtains, what about curtain tiebacks? These decorative ties will make you feel like your bedroom morphed into a wedding venue. No tools are required, and you’re bound to get a ton of compliments from guests when they see them. “These really made my window/curtains go from blah to wow!” one customer wrote. “I would definitely recommend them and buy these again myself.”


A Set Of Silk Pillows That Will Also Help Your Beauty Routine

When was the last time you treated yourself to a new pillow? Pillows don’t just look nice — they can also be the key to a good night of sleep. These pillows will help hydrate your skin, and will help prevent unnecessary hair breakage. Available in over 20 rich colors, they’re definitely worth a try.

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