If You Have Big Boobs And Can't Find A Damn Suit, This Swimwear Line Is Your New BFF

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Lilly & Lime

Cute suits for cup sizes D and up? Yes, please

If you have large breasts and prefer to wear two-piece bathing suits, you know the struggle. Very few are made to support women who sport extra boobage, and those that do sometimes look like something our grandmothers would wear. Fear not. There’s a new swimsuit company devoted solely to women with cup size D or bigger.

The best part? The suits are cute as hell.

If you’re like me and have literally struggled since age 14 to find a two-piece that fits your big boobs but doesn’t look like it belongs on a retiree in Boca Raton, Lilly & Lime is a freaking goldmine. Founded in 2016 by Emma-Jane Hughes and Ashleigh Hill, who were both frustrated with the lack of stylish and supportive suits for big-chested women, Lilly & Lime aims to make swimsuit shopping a lot more fun for the boobie-blessed.

Image via Lilly & Lime

The company has over 30 (I counted) bikini top designs that only come in cup sizes 28D to 38HH. That’s right — they don’t even carry all the smaller sizes. Frankly, there’s no need for them to accommodate that crew since literally every other place that sells swimsuits almost exclusively carries those sizes.

It’s our time to shine, fellow top-heavy ladies.

Image via Lilly & Lime

I repeat, every single one of those adorable bikini tops goes up to 38HH. It’s sad that this is such a big deal, because where in the hell have major retailers been all this time in offering the goods to women with large chests, but it is. And we’re celebrating.

Because us big-breasted chicks are usually stuck with unattractive bras with super thick straps and bikinis that either barely cover our nipples or are totally drab. For years we’ve watched the women with smaller or average-sized tatas effortlessly browse through racks of bikinis while we’re stuck with hardly any options.

No more.

The tops come in several styles including classic underwire bikini, underwire halter and balconette. There are also bottoms in tons of patterns that come in both bikini and high-waisted designs.

Basically, this is our dream come true.

Because not every woman with a large chest wants to wear a one-piece, and even if we do, those aren’t always big enough either. I’ve tried on one-piece suits before that caused my boobs to all but spill out the sides. No thanks.

Women of every size and shape deserve options that make them feel attractive and confident without having to worry about a surprise boob popping out during a sand castle building session with the kids.

The site even features a page where “real” women submit photos of themselves in Lilly & Lime suits so customers can get a better idea of how the suits look on different body types. Because how many times do we order a bikini online based on the model’s appearance only to discover it doesn’t translate quite as well for us?

Huge kudos to this company and we can only hope others follow “suit” in expanding offerings to women of all sizes.

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