This Lion Is Every Pissed House Cat That's Sick Of Your Kid's Sh*t

My cat hates my kids. I’m not alone, am I? When I was pregnant I had all of these visions of my cat cuddling up to my newborn, purring contentedly. The fact that she started hissing at my belly at around seven months should’ve been an indication that things were not going to go as swimmingly as I’d hoped.

My cat is an asshole. I know, I know — some pets are traumatized by the arrival of children. I just never thought mine would be one of them. And now that my kids are old enough to really want to play and engage, she is not having it. She regularly hisses at them and does things like block the hallway when they’re trying to come downstairs. Damn, cat. She’s lucky I love her.

This video surfaced on my news feed today of a lion at the zoo having a serious stare-down contest with a little girl. This lion is not having it. This lion is every annoyed house cat out there.

Kid: Love me!

Lion: NO.