Rent This Lisa Frank-Themed Apartment And Make All Your Childhood Dreams Come True

by Christina Marfice
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Missing the Lisa Frank-colored days of the ’90s? You’ll want to book a stay at this technicolor apartment

People of a certain age (lookin’ at you, young Gen Xers and old millennials) remember that the ’90s had a color scheme, and that color scheme was Lisa Frank.

Everywhere you looked, everything was splashed with bright rainbow hues, incandescent glitter, and adorable animals. But toward the end of the ’90s, Lisa Frank just sort of disappeared. Children of the decade have been quietly surviving in a more subdued world ever since, longing for the technicolor days of our youth.

Until now, that is. Bust out your Trapper Keepers and your scrunchies, fellow ’90s kids. Lisa Frank is back, and she’s teamed up with to create the apartment we all would have designed for our future adult selves back when we were 8. And yes, of course you can stay there.

The apartment is a penthouse in LA, which we’re sure is where your 8-year-old self assumed you’d be living by now (LOL). Walk into the living room, and you’ll be greeted by walls of bright color, made somehow even brighter by a giant, rainbow-tinted picture window.

From the wall mural all the way down to the pillows, everything is decorated in that instantly recognizable Lisa Frank style. The heart-patterned rug on the floor was even custom designed for this space by Lisa herself.

The home also includes a craft corner, which is loaded up with all the Lisa Frank stationary your ’90s-loving heart could ever desire. Make sure to bring some goodies from home that you can cover with sparkly, rainbow animal stickers, because that’s a thing you’re going to want to do.

They nailed all the details, TBH.

The kitchen is as brightly decorated as the rest of the apartment, with rainbow and animal print cabinet doors, and a pantry that’s stocked with some favorite ‘90s snacks like Fruit Stripe gum and cheese balls. Yes, it’s all free for guests, so come with an appetite for the literal tastes of your childhood.

The bathroom is decorated (of course) with Lisa’s famous dolphins, from floor to ceiling. They’re in the shower, they’re on the walls — even the toilet paper holder is a Lisa Frank dolphin.

And the bedroom. Fam, it is exactly the bedroom you would have designed for yourself had you been given free interior decorating rein in 1994. From the rainbow heart bedspread to the twinkle light canopy hanging above it, this bedroom is the place where our magical, hopeful, childhood dreams still live on.

If you want to stay in this absolutely magical place, you can, but you’ll have to act fast. Reservations open Oct. 11 and will only be available for a couple weeks, so we imagine they’ll sell out pretty much immediately. To all the ’90s kids lucky enough to nab a stay, please send us stickers, thanks.

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