Little Girl Finally Meets Her ‘Love’ Adam Levine And Her Reaction Is Priceless

by Valerie Williams
Image via YouTube

Meeting your epic celebrity crush would be overwhelming even for an adult, so it’s understandable that when 3-year-old Mila met hers, she totally choked. A few weeks ago, a video of Mila went viral where she got the devastating news that the “love of her life,” Adam Levine, was getting married. Enter Ellen DeGeneres, who made the little girl’s dream of meeting her crush come true, to hilarious result.

Here is the adorable video Mila’s mom took of the moment she found out Adam Levine was no longer on the market. Be warned, the cuteness is almost unbearable:

Cut to a few weeks later, and the video has over five million views on YouTube and got the attention of one Ellen DeGeneres, who makes all dreams come true. She brought Mila and her mom on the show and gave them the surprise of a lifetime:

There is so much to say about this, namely, that Adam Levine is an absolute sweetheart and such a good sport. He is so adorable with this little girl, down on one knee offering her a rose, which would make most women lose it. But not Mila. Because she is three years old and did what most overwhelmed toddlers do — clung to her mother in terror. That’s right, her “dream” moment turned out to be a bit too much for her to handle, as it would for most of us. After the initial hug, she wouldn’t go anywhere near Adam and eyed him skeptically for the rest of the segment. Ellen made light of it, as Ellen does, and sweet Mila got a very cool new “Mila + Adam For Eva” outfit plus, a very cool childhood memory.

Of course, some are saying this encounter was “awkward” with the little girl deciding she was too scared to go near Adam Levine, but what would anyone expect from a toddler in front of a screaming crowd of several hundred people? It’s not surprising that she got a bit shy and decided the safety of her mother’s lap was more appealing than even “the love of her life.” I’m normally one to scoff at these videos of little ones crying that go viral because it seems a bit exploitative, but I can’t imagine Mila looking back on this one day with anything but joy. Not many kids (or adults) ever get to meet a celebrity they adore and Mila’s checked this off her list while barely out of diapers. Both videos are adorable and Adam proved to be a patient and kind “first love,” so all in all, I’d say this was a success.