Little Girl Has No Time For Snow White And Twitter Loves Her For It

by Meredith Bland

Kaylin is not impressed

Meet Kaylin. Kaylin is a little girl with her priorities in line. Priority 1: Macaroni and cheese. Priority 2: Macaroni and cheese. Priority 3: Not dealing with Snow White’s nonsense.

In the world’s greatest video, which was posted to Facebook over a week ago but only discovered by Twitter three days ago, Katrell Hunter shows little Kaylin enjoying a bowl of mac n’ cheese at a Disney-themed restaurant. He starts filming when Snow White comes over to visit with Kaylin, an event that usually causes small children to be awed and excited or, in the case of my children, terrified. What you don’t typically see is “nonchalance” in a child this age when they’re face-to-face with a Disney princess. Kaylin, however, has not a thing to offer Snow White.

When the video starts, we see Kaylin with a mouth full of food, staring at Snow White, who has crouched down next to her at the table. The princess, who is obviously not used to getting a vacant stare from a child, asks one of the adults with Kaylin, “Can she see?”

Y’all, Snow White thought Kaylin was blind.

The other woman says, “Yeah, she’s pretty sober-faced today.” That’s one of those awkward moments every parent has had: when you take your kid to see something they should be thrilled by, be it Snow White, a litter of puppies, or a rainbow, and they go, “Meh.” And you go, “Huh?” And they’re like, “I’ve seen better.” And you’re like, “But you’re two.”

At any rate, Snow White decides she’s going to get Kaylin to smile with her for a photo. Looking at Kaylin’s stone face and dead eyes, she says, “Well, can you smile with me? Can I see a smile?” The answer to her question is “no,” as Kaylin — without blinking — turns back to her mac n’ cheese and starts to get another spoonful. Snow White responds with a surprised but delighted “Oh!” and dips right into her hands-by-cheeks photo pose, because she’s a goddamn professional.

It’s while she’s holding her pose that Kaylin wins the day. Her eyes peek to the side to see if Snow White is still there, and when she sees that yes, that woman is still there, she looks back at the table with a face that says, “Jesus, I need your strength.” And then Kaylin just sits there, frozen, because Snow White has been dismissed and the time for her to leave was yesterday. You hear one adult say, “Look what she’s doing with her face!” And the other says, “I see her! It’s like she’s a statue or something!” A statue that has had all she is going to take.

It’s one of the best things I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen a duck ride a dog.

The video was posted to Twitter over the weekend by user @shanayynayy, and it quickly became a sensation because who hasn’t been Kaylin at some point in their lives?

Kaylin, we get it. Thank for being the new picture of how we feel every time life is doing too much when we are not even close to being ready to deal with it. You are our everything.