The Reason These Kids Are Staring At Their Phones Is Giving Everyone The Feels

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Twitter

For once, seeing kids on their phones fills us with joy

Things aren’t always as they seem, as this viral photo of two boys taking a time out from the Little League World Series proves. In it, the boys look like they’re absorbed in their phones and oblivious to the outside world around them. While they might be just that, it’s not for reasons you might initially assume.

One player is from South Dakota, the other hails from the Dominican Republic and they’re both in Williamsport to play ball. Though it doesn’t look like it, the boys were having a full-on conversation. Instead of words or text messages, however, they were using Google translate to understand one another in their respective languages.

The adorable scene was captured by Bob Holtzman with the Major Leage Baseball Players Association and former ESPN anchor.

If you feel your heart rapidly expanding, you’re not alone. Holtzman shared the photo on Twitter and people everywhere were delighted to see these two boys breaking barriers to enjoy a conversation together.

At the end of the day, this image is just two boys bound by a common love of the game (and technology). We’re so used to technology driving a wedge between us, we sometimes forget what a useful tool it will be for future generations.

Next time we’re inclined to shake our fists about “kids and their phones” — we’ll think twice.