'Lizzie McGuire' Cast Reunites To Virtually Read An Iconic Episode

by Christina Marfice
Hilary Duff Reunites 'Lizzie McGuire' Cast For Virtual Table Read
Hilary Duff/Instagram

This is the Lizzie Mcguire fix we’ve all been waiting for

When news broke that Disney Plus was rebooting Lizzie McGuire, we could barely contain our excitement. It only grew as star Hilary Duff started posting photos of the original cast back together. But then, it was announced that production was on hold and all our dreams of reliving the classic series — and seeing what Lizzie and the gang are up to now that they’ve grown up, just like we have. At least we still had the original series to binge on Disney Plus.


But now, Duff and the rest of the gang are giving us that fix they know we need. They (virtually) reunited during the week that would mark the 19th (!!!) anniversary of one of the show’s most classic episodes — “Between a Rock and a Bra Place” — and held a little Lizzie McGuire table read. Fans of the series will be nothing but delighted by this.

Duff was joined by Adam Lamberg (Gordo), Lalaine (Miranda), Jake Thomas (Matt McGuire), Robert Carradine (Sam McGuire), Hallie Todd (Jo McGuire), Ashlie Brillault (Kate), and Davida Williams (Claire). Kyle Downes, who played Larry Tudgeman on the original series, filled in for David Carradine, who died in 2009. Also part of the read were Bob Thomas — Jake’s father who wrote two of the original show’s episodes, and writers Nina and Jeremy Bargiel, who filled us in on some of the behind-the-scenes history of this particular episode, which fans will remember fondly, because it’s an absolute classic.

The episode centered on Lizzie McGuire and her best friend Miranda as they got their first bras, convinced that the move would make them popular at school. Meanwhile, Lizzie’s little brother Matt is up to his usual hijinx, enlisting Gordo to help him win a contest to become Jet Li’s sidekick in a new action movie.

“I truly believe that this show was magical, and everyone that was a part of it created that … and made this show mean so much to so many people,” Duff said at the end of the read. “I think we’re all very grateful to have experience that.”

As fans already know, the Lizzie McGuire reboot was abruptly put on hold, and Duff later revealed that she had clashed with Disney over her desire for a more adult Lizzie, and the network wanting a kid-friendly show. After this, we only hope even more that they’ll come to an agreement and we can get the reboot after all.