Lizzo Doesn't Want To Be Told She's 'Brave' For Loving Herself

Lizzo Doesn’t Want To Be Told She’s ‘Brave’ For Loving Herself

Paul Bruinooge/Getty

Lizzo talks about the double standard for women’s bodies and says she doesn’t like it when people are shocked that she’s so body confident

Lizzo is the reigning musical queen of Summer 2019. One of the reasons the world fell in love with Lizzo is that she is unabashedly confident, she makes pop anthems that idolize self-love, and she preaches body positivity. Lizzo’s self-confidence has inspired all sorts of memes, and she absolutely killed her recent VMA performance which was a toast to body love, but the singer rejects the idea that it’s novel or shocking to see a plus-size woman love herself.