New Video Shows How Bad Logan Paul’s Japan Trip Really Was

by Cassandra Stone
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The super-cut video shows Logan Paul tormenting people all over Tokyo

It turns out the horrific video showing YouTube star Logan Paul mocking the dead body of an apparent suicide victim was just the tip of the iceberg, as far as his trip to Japan goes. While that video in particular is about a million shades of awful, a new supercut video shows Paul’s entire trip was beyond problematic.

Even if you weren’t familiar with Logan Paul (he and his younger brother Jake both have YouTube channels that feature vlogs that are enormously popular with kids), you probably are after this week.

The elder Paul made headlines after sharing a video that shows he and his friends cavorting around Japan’s Aokigahara forest, where the group stumbled upon the body of a dead man. That they continued filming. To upload and broadcast to millions of people — including, of course, kids. It’s since been taken down, but not after being viewed millions of times. There honestly aren’t enough words to describe how fucking disgusting this guy is.

But don’t worry, no matter what you thought of Paul and his antics in Japan (and his half-assed, narcissistic “apology”), a new video shared on Twitter highlights the rest of his trip. And it’s every bit as awful as you’d imagine.

In the video, Paul is seen being a complete shithead all over Tokyo. He more than pokes fun at Japanese culture — he appropriates it in the most insulting ways possible and totally annihilates it.

Here, he’s seen wearing a kimono, face mask, and an Asian conical hat. He’s just being a complete asshole for no reason whatsoever in what appears to be a koi pond.

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In another part of the video, Paul’s seen telling a vendor that some video game he bought from him is “mucho broken-o.” Which it probably is, because Paul slammed it on the ground repeatedly.

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At one point, Paul slams a raw octopus on the window of a local restaurant — but only after throwing the raw tentacle in the face of multiple passersby on the street.

Oh, and how could we forget to mention the part where he dresses up as Pikachu and harasses drivers and bicyclists by throwing a ball at them repeatedly.

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“I swear, Tokyo is just a giant playground,” Paul says at one point during the video. “Maybe it’s not. Maybe I should stop. Probably not.”

People who viewed the video were quick to share their outrage on Twitter.

Basically, this video is the epitome of every white, young, privileged American male stereotype. He traveled to another country mock their culture and customs. It’s beyond problematic and insulting — to Japanese people and people who can only dream of traveling to Japan. Not to mention what this teaches the kids who watch his videos, which is that it’s OK or even “cool” to make fun of other cultures.

This type of behavior shouldn’t be rewarded in any way, let alone turned into popular content that makes a ton of money on YouTube. Here’s hoping the backlash ignites a change.

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