Louis CK Mocks Parkland Survivors In Leaked Audio And It's Sickening

by Christina Marfice
Image via Steve Granitz/WireImage

Why isn’t Louis CK canceled yet?

Seriously, what is it going to take to get Louis CK to stop everything and go away? He’s still trying real hard to make a comeback after he “took time off to think” following multiple accusations of sexual harassment from female colleagues. And the jokes he’s making show, loud and clear, that his months off from his career were spent doing anything but thinking.

In audio leaked online from an unknown set, CK can be heard making a number of disgusting jokes, attacking gender noncomforming people, and then, get this, going after survivors of school shootings. He seems to be specifically targeting survivors of the Parkland shooting, who have gone on to be political activists since 17 of their classmates were killed earlier this year.

In the audio, which has since been pulled from YouTube, CK can be heard saying the Parkland kids aren’t interesting just because they survived a school shooting, and that he shouldn’t have to pay attention to them just because they “pushed some fat kid in the way.” Sorry, but haven’t we established that mocking and insulting children who survived a school shooting is just off limits? Clearly not. But this is somehow a disgusting new low for CK, who already has a long and established pattern of attacking women, so.

Earlier in the leaked set, CK takes on “the youth” these days and how they’re all just too sensitive because of their gosh darn empathy, which he of course calls “political correctness.”

Thankfully, the internet is letting CK have it.

And actually, the reminder we all need: That this is all painfully on brand for Louis CK. Ugh.

So, internet, a new year’s resolution for all of us: Leave Louis CK in 2019, and move on to entertainers who are not steaming piles of human garbage.