Tales From Pantsuit Nation: Love Trumps Hate

by Wendy Wisner
Originally Published: 

I’m with her because I’m a white woman raising two biracial children with a black man. I’ve been asked numerous times throughout our 12 year marriage why I would ever lower myself to marry a black man. When they go low, we go high.

In this man I saw how Love Trumps Hate. I saw the love in his heart of choosing a career helping to rehabilitate our troubled youth for the state we live in. I saw his smile that radiates throughout a room and magnetizes people to him. The compassion he has for the little old ladies that need help with their groceries or the little old men that need help pumping gas. Watching him I witness every day how Love Trumps Hate.

I’m with her because we’re raising a daughter that must hear words of encouragement, support, and inspiration from her president. That must know she can do anything a man can do.

I’m with her because we’re raising a son that must know the value of a woman and show her respect at all times. That must know how he treats his mother and his sister is the way he should treat every girl he ever encounters.

Our family joins hands and looks towards the future of our country, representing how Love Trumps Hate.

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