Luke Perry Has Reportedly Been Hospitalized After Suffering A Stroke

by Thea Glassman
Image via Albert L. Ortega/Getty

Luke Perry has been hospitalized after reportedly suffering from a stroke

Luke Perry was taken to the hospital after reportedly suffering from stroke, according to an initial report from TMZ. Unfortunately, his current condition is still unclear. In the meantime, fans and friends have taken to Twitter to sends lots of love, prayers, and good thoughts the actor’s way.

Paramedics responded to a call from Perry’s home at around 9:40am on Wednesday, and transported the 52-year-old actor to a hospital nearby. There hasn’t been any new information released since then, other than Perry’s rep telling PEOPLE: “Mr. Perry is currently under observation at the hospital.”

Friends, fellow actors, and fans have all taken to Twitter to send lots and lots of love to the actor, wishing him a speedy, healthy recovery.

Perry was in town shooting episodes of Riverdale on the Warner Brothers Studio lot (though he’s based in Vancouver, where the TV show is usually filmed). In case you haven’t caught the teen drama, Perry plays Fred Andrews – aka Archie’s dad – one of the very few solid, well-meaning parents on the show.

The actor has embraced his role as an on-screen father after many, many years playing bad boy Dylan McKay on Beverley Hills 90210.

“Well, here’s the deal I made with K.J (Archie). I’ll play the dad, and I’ll let you have the cool hair for the first five or six weeks, then I’m going to start bringing it,” Perry quipped to The Hollywood Reporter during a 2017 interview. “I like playing the dad because I like being a dad, and I think it’s a great character in the milieu of this show that I’m the grounded one, and I’m the guy who really cares about K.J., who cares about doing a good job and being a good construction worker. I love that.”

He added that there’s actually very little overlap between the two teen shows – besides one very crucial detail.

“Well, 90210 because it’s the story of a ruggedly handsome young man who has to pick between a dark-haired girl and a blond-haired girl, right? That’s where the similarity ends,” Perry said. “The Twin Peaks part of it is, we’ve read 11 of the scripts, none of us have any idea who the killer is. And we’ve read 11 scripts! When we put them down, we all look at each other, and everybody still hasn’t guessed. The mystery is great.”

Speaking of 90210, there have been rumors of a reboot and they were officially confirmed today — Fox will run the new series with much of the original cast, but Perry was not included in the cast as of yet.

Here’s hoping Perry gets well soon. He’s got a whole army of fans sending lots and lots of strength.