Macaulay Culkin Recreates Iconic 'Home Alone' Moments In Viral Ad

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via YouTube

This Home Alone re-creation is nostalgia done right

Have you ever wondered how scenes from your favorite childhood movies would go down now, in 2018? Certain scenarios from older movies, like those in Home Alone, seem downright implausible if you think about them happening in 2018.

But in this ad for Google Assistant, Macaulay Culkin shows us exactly what his alter ego might be up to, were he left home alone now. And it’s freaking fantastic.

If you’re a fan of Home Alone (and honestly, who isn’t?), you’ll get a total kick out of seeing a grownup Kevin McCallister living it up in his perfectly re-created childhood home.

It’s all in the details, folks. From the second we see Culkin open the door, it’s clear we’re right back inside the extra AF McCallister house, decked out in red and green from top to bottom.

The famous bathroom scene has a modern spin: “Hey Google, add ‘after-shave’ to my shopping list.”

(Side note, this ad actually made me want to start using technology in this way, so…well done, Google ad, well done.)

Another great update to this classic is watching Kevin jump on his parents’ bed and clutch his back in pain — we’re all about the same age as ol’ Kevin now, which is a little too old for bed jumping.

“Hey Google, remind me to clean these sheets later.” LOL.

Also watching Kevin look pleased as punch because he already paid for his delivered pizza online? Two thumbs way up. I feel this one on a spiritual level.

And of course, “Operation Kevin” is executed to perfection thanks to today’s technology. Every. Single. Detail. Is. Nailed. Right down to the cardboard cutout of Kevin Durant.

Kevin McCallister might be 38 years old now, but he’s forever a mischevious little boy in our hearts. Like he says: “This is my house. I have to defend it.”

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