Mackenzie Hancsicsak Sold Girl Scout Cookies At The SAG Awards

‘Young Kate’ From ‘This Is Us’ Sold Girl Scout Cookies At The SAG Awards

Image via Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images / Mackenzie Hancsicsak / Twitter

Mackenzie Hancsicsak is clearly destined to be a successful entrepreneur

You know how the Girl Scouts get you during cookie season by parking their tables and beautiful stacks of Thin Mints and Samoas outside the grocery store? Hungry people going in for a meal or ingredients to cook dinner can get suckered in by the allure of that sweet, sweet Tagalong goodness, and the Girl Scouts know it. 11-year-old actress and Girl Scout Mackenzie Hancsicsak, who stars as young Kate on This Is Us, knows how to capitalize on that. Only she did one better than the grocery store.

It’s a pretty open secret that celebrities at awards shows are likely starving. The shows themselves usually offer little, if any, food to the attendees. So when Hancsicsak attended the SAG Awards on Sunday, she knew how hungry her fellow celebs were likely to be. So what did this genius budding entrepreneur do? She brought her cookie stash and tweeted out her table number so people at the show could stop by and buy a box or 12. Talk about pouncing on a prime sales opportunity.