The Internet Is Loving Macklemore's Gift To His Grandma On Her 100th Birthday

by Mike Julianelle
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For his grandma’s 100th birthday, the rapper gave her a day she’ll never forget

Rappers are known for extravagant music videos featuring raucous parties with tons of champagne, shenanigans, and scantily-clad women. When Macklemore needed a video for his new song, he went a totally different route.

He took his grandmother out for her 100th birthday and filmed their whole day together. And the internet is having serious feelings about it.

The video, for Macklemore’s song “Glorious,” is melting hearts because of the rapper’s sweet relationship with his Grandma Helen.

It opens with him surprising her at her house and telling her that they’re going to spend the day doing whatever she wants. The video chronicles their adorable adventures.

The couple hops into Macklemore’s convertible and gets started by… egging some houses? Odd first choice perhaps, but as someone who can neither confirm nor deny ever having participated in such an activity, it definitely looks like fun.

Next, Grandma gets some new kicks – orthopedic, by the looks of it – and heads to the bar for some karaoke and then to the arcade, where Macklemore and the grandmother he clearly adores play skee-ball and some shoot-em-ups before she somehow wins the claw-grabbing game? #Blessed.

Grandma gets to watch her grandson get a tattoo before they joy-ride in a grocery store. Then Macklemore partakes in some meta-self-promotion by hitting the thrift shop. We hope he and Granny didn’t pop any tags, though.

They head back to Grandma’s house, where her friends are waiting to surprise her with a party and a cake. Meanwhile, Macklemore pops out back to dance by himself, presumably to avoid the stripper who sneaks in to entertain the ladies.

The video wraps up with the unlikely duo taking a scenic drive by the water, holding hands on a dock as the sunsets, Grandma’s heart full from her exciting day with her grandson.

On YouTube, the first comment underneath the video is from Macklemore himself, who made the video for his beloved Grandma but obviously loved doing it.

“Grandma – nothing is more Glorious than you. Happy 100th. Thank you for the Werthers Originals. The advice. And for being a part of something that I’ll treasure forever. Love Ben.”

Not shockingly, people are loving it:

“This video genuinely made me happy. I almost cried”

“This is inspiring. I love this video sooo much, I love my grandma, she is 77 and has PSP, I spend as much time with her as I can. This video made me cry, this video will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

“1. Lie down

2. Try not to cry 3. Cry a looooot”

The video has over 4 million views in just two days, and 10,000 comments like the ones above. I think this one just about sums it up though:

“Oh dang it. I gotta call my grandma now.”

Don’t we all.

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