Macklemore Is Every Parent Freaking Out Over His Baby's First Steps

by Valerie Williams
Image via Instagram

Macklemore adorably loses it in this video where he sees his daughter take her first steps

Celebrities. They’re just like us. Especially when it comes to their kids, because parenting is the great equalizer. No matter how rich and famous you are, you WILL freak out when your baby hits exciting milestones, as Macklemore proves in a ridiculously cute video of him squealing over his daughter’s first steps.

Warning: the adorable levels are off the charts with this one.

Rapper Macklemore (real name, Ben Haggerty) has excitedly shared photos on Instagram of daughter Sloane since her birth last May. He appears to be every bit the doting and involved dad and this video of the performer witnessing Sloane’s first steps proves he’s delighting in her milestones like any other parent. Watch below and prepare to squeal right along with him.

Ugh, so many feels. After she falls on her bottom and stands right back up, ambling toward her daddy, the singer whoops like he’s won the lottery. His face after she performs her little feat is just the sweetest thing and hearing him cheer for her is enough to soften even the hardest heart. As he scoops her up at the end in total awe, murmuring “you did it” over and over, we all know exactly how he feels. Because every parent’s been there.

All moms and dads seeing their baby learn to walk or talk or crawl are convinced, even only momentarily, that their baby is some kind of mythical creature. Surely, no other human has ever done anything this amazing before, right? Well, of course they have. But in that moment of watching their baby figure out something huge, it doesn’t matter that billions of other humans did it before them. This is a time of actual magic for every parent. No matter how rich and famous.

Most parents would probably agree that learning to walk is the most exciting of all milestones. It’s certainly a huge change seeing your baby go from a crawling blob on the floor to an upright, little biped, able to walk like a real, live, human being. It makes them grow up almost in an instant, which is equal parts exhilarating, rewarding and heart-breaking.

There are so many trying moments when children are small. Lost sleep, diaper blow-outs, spilled milk, screaming in the middle of the grocery store — being a parent is so much work. It’s moments like first steps and first words and rolling over that make it all worthwhile. It reminds us exactly how fortunate we are to be witnessing the magic of these teeny people growing up. It truly makes it all worth it.