Say "Twat's Up" With These Madge The Vag Holiday Gift Picks!


Say “Twat’s Up” With These Madge The Vag Holiday Gift Picks!

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The number 1 gift guide for under her tree!

Do you know a lady with needs? I’m talking about needs in her nethers, of course! Twat’s up? I’m Madge the Vag, here with the quintessential gift guide for the woman in your life who is proud of her puss.

Anigan First Period Kit

Image via Walmart

Have a young lady in your life? The Anigan First Period Kit is a great gift for girls to get to know about their flow. This pretty package comes with a “My First Period Booklet”; a period tracker; period panties; an instant heat pad; and more! Gosh, the Anigan Kit is so cute, it makes me want to get my first period again!

Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights

Image via Walmart

For your friends or family that are into fitness – try the Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights! She’ll learn how to do killer kegels by tightening these silicone weights inside her squeezebox. Doing kegels 3 x a day is great for bladder control, post-partum recovery, and a better sex life. All she needs is this gadget and she’ll be a new woman… with a strong pelvic floor!

Claws Out Feminist Nailpolish

Image via Claws Out

I see you admiring my Uterus! I’m talking about my nailpolish color of course, from the feminist line Claws Out. Available in Uterus, Hot Rock, Cat Lady, and more. Perfect for the ladies who don’t take guff…now, back to the muff.

Fridet The Momwasher

Image via Walmart

The Fridababy Fridet the Momwasher is the perfect present for expecting moms or new moms. With a periscope design, the Fridet will give their post-baby pus the attention it needs so it can heal quickly and keep clean. Plus, the squeezable bottle is portable and comes with a travel bag. Down periscope!

Passion Water-Based Lube

Image via Walmart

Give em something smooth! Passion Natural Water-Based Lube is safe and healthy for alone time, lover time, toy time, and everything in between. It gets rid of friction that can cause pain, irritation, and bad sex! It even comes in a squirt bottle so you don’t have to interrupt the action. It comes in all sizes, but the more the merrier, I say! Great for mom, grandma and even Uncle Peter. Available in many sizes.

Nutrablast Feminine pH Test Strips

Image via Walmart

This is a great gift for the friend who wants answers ASAP! If she’s unsure how her cooter is doing, she can hold a Nutrablast Feminine pH test strip on her vaginal wall for 5 seconds, and voila: she’ll be a PhD in her pH levels! High levels can indicate bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, and other problems. If she’s feeling the burn, who wants to guess, when we can test? (In addition to a doctor’s visit of course.)

Queen V Bath Bombs for Menstrual Cramps

Image via Walmart

Does your gal pal want menstrual cramp relief and some company during bathtime? She can hang out with a couple of fizzy Queen V Bombshell Menstrual Cramp Bath Bombs. A hot bath is a great way to release stress. These balls are pH balanced, free of harmful ingredients, easy to use…and the best part, it’s an excuse for alone time. Don’t let period pain cramp her style! Bombs away!

Bonrich Maternity Underwear

Image via Walmart

Give your preggo friend a nice hug…around her vag! Pregnant ladies have to deal with so many pinches and chafes. At least her muff can be set free with these cute cotton maternity panties. Available in all sizes and colors, these breathable briefs can make it all the way to 40+ weeks!

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