Madge the Vag Uncovers Truths & Lies About Fertility

Madge the Vag Uncovers Truths & Lies About Fertility

by Alison Bucalo
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We’re busting myths on how to get pregnant — Does an orgasm help you get pregnant? Do eating yams get you twins? Do you have to hang upside down after sex to get the sperm in there? Madge the Vag asks fertility expert Dr. Makarov from New Hope Fertility Center all these pressing questions and more! (No, you don’t have to give up coffee completely.)

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Some truths: When it comes to sex positions, they don’t matter! Well, not when you’re trying to get pregnant. It can help to elevate your hips for ten to twenty minutes to make sure all the sperm get there and stay in there. No one’s leaving this party early!

Ladies, have your orgasms! A contracting uterus caused by an orgasm can actually help sperm get where they need to go. Listen, there’s nothing wrong with asking for directions and there’s nothing with demanding an orgasm. So, do it if you’re trying to get pregnant.

And it’s not just about the ladies. Fellas, wear boxers instead of tighty whites. Keeps the sperm at just the right temperature.

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Series Description: Madge the Vag is a quirky mom on a mission to spread (literally) the word on everything vagina. She may have a 1950s wardrobe, but approaches women’s vaginal health in a refreshing way that is very today. Madge highlights a taboo topic or challenging issue many women face but may be afraid to talk about. She interviews experts on a range of topics like public hair, yeast infections and sex.

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