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Make Your Own Self-Care Kit And 5 More Ways To Handle Summer Stress

July 13, 2018 Updated July 14, 2020

This year has been one continuous curve ball, and that has us looking forward to summer more than ever. One thing we know won’t change this year is that, while it’s fun, summer is hectic. Just because summer slows the schedules down a bit, that doesn’t mean you can skip the preparation. Seriously. 

To make sure this summer really is the nonstop blast we all deserve, we’ve got to get ahead of this thing, moms. Here are our tips to do just that so we can relax and unwind as much as possible. 

Be Flexible About The Things You Didn’t Plan 

If you’ve been at this momming thing for awhile, you know that free time can quickly devolve into sibling battles and cries of “I’m booooored!” without some proper planning. Do yourself a favor. Spend 20 minutes thinking through all possible summer scenarios. Plan some activities, plan some destinations, and most importantly, plan some downtime for yourself. 

And then do this: remind yourself that there is going to be something you didn’t plan for. You’re going to find yourself on the way to the pool without sunscreen. Or at a picnic with no paper towels. Good news is that wherever you’re going, there’s probably a Walgreens on the way

Make Sure Time In The Sun Is Actually Fun

After being cooped up indoors, balancing virtual learning with way-too-long Zoom meetings, there’s nothing quite like getting outside and getting reacquainted with the sun. But when your skin hasn’t been exposed for awhile, you can’t just throw everybody in shorts and tank tops and call it a day. Make sure your family’s skin is ready for the rays with Walgreens Kids SPF 50 Continuous Spray. Oh, another pro tip? Make sure you spray it before going out in the sun. 

And if your family has been out of the sun game for awhile, there’s a chance that somebody may get a little too much. Trust me: grabbing some Aloe Vera Gel on your way home will make those after-sun evenings way less dramatic. 

Your Kids Will Be Full Of Scrapes, Bruises and Bug Bites

It’s going to happen: your kids will inevitably hurt themselves doing that thing you told them not to do. And all the extra running around (seriously: so much running!) means there will be scrapes and bruises. On your way home, head to your local Walgreens drive-thru pickup for Band Aids and Neosporin and even some cold packs. And if your kids are allergy-prone, you can grab a supply of nasal spray and facial tissue for their runny noses too.

Rainy Days Are Inevitable, But You Got This 

As much as we all want to picture a whole summer of perfectly sunny, breezy days; the reality is that rainy days exist. And sometimes summer rains pop up at the absolute worst times like, oh say, when you’ve just finished packing the car for a hike. So plan ahead. Make a “rainy day basket” with everything you need for rainy day success. One of the things kids find really unexpectedly fun is being told to actually go play outside while it’s raining. Yep, you’ll blow their little minds when you suggest a water balloon fight in the rain. Walgreens has you covered with a literal Bunch O Balloons. Prepare your Mom of the Year acceptance speech now. 

Put Yourself First With A Self-Care Kit

At this point it’s almost a cliche but there’s a reason why people use the airplane oxygen mask analogy to describe why moms need to take care of themselves first. In order to be at your best, in order to truly enjoy summer as much as your kids do, and in order to gather the strength to keep it all going, you need YOU time. Whatever it is, pick up your favorite self-care essentials the next time you’re running into Walgreens. Thank me later! 

At Some Point, They’ll Say It

You can be the superest of moms and there will still come a time or three this summer when your kids tell you they’re bored. Once you pick your jaw up off the floor (“What? With all the amazing stuff I planned?!”), you might even realize that you’re feeling a little bored, too. That’s ok. Most of us have had plenty of family time over the last few months and there’s nothing like a little “pick me up” trip to Walgreens to procure some boredom busters. Something as simple as a can of Pringles, some sidewalk chalk and bubbles can put everybody back on the summer fun train. (The best part is you might even get a little time alone in the car, where you can rock out as you pick up your curbside order. No one needs to know that, no, traffic actually wasn’t so bad.) 

This year has been tough on everyone, but especially us moms. We deserve a reward. And we deserve all the tools we need to keep kids busy (and independent!) as well as last-minute supplies to keep the fun going — even if you forget to plan. Thankfully, it’s super easy and safe to get everything you need for the fam at Walgreens. Come on, mom: live your best summer life! 

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