Man Bursts Into Laughter At The Sight Of MAGA Supporters, Become Viral Meme

by Madison Vanderberg
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A guy in a green polo has gone viral after a bunch of MAGA supporters tried to shut down a city council meeting

Yesterday’s feral hogs are today’s green shirt guy aka a new meme have taken on the internet. A guy in a green polo was filmed hysterically laughing at some rag-tag anti-immigration MAGA-hat protestors at a city council meeting in Tuscon, Arizona and now #GreenShirtGuy is trending and Mr. Green Shirt himself is an American folk hero.

Green polo guy, who later identified himself as Alex Kack, was attending a Tucson City Council meeting to discuss the successful vote to allow a “sanctuary city” initiative on the November ballot when a couple of anti-immigration protestors, one in a MAGA hat, and the other carrying a Big Gulp (yes, really), started spouting off about the constitution, something about protecting American citizens, and some other nonsensical anti-immigration BS.

Everyone at the meeting started to audibly groan and boo the protestors. When the MAGA hat lady told the crowd that they were “in direct violation of the oath they took to the constitution,” someone else yelled back, “You’re in direct violation of being a jackass,” and LOL. However, as everyone counter-protested the protestors, one guy in a bright green polo was laid back in his chair laughing his ass off at the pure hysterics of a bunch of anti-immigration bozos blindly psuedo quoting the con

Arizona journalist Nick VinZant shared the video online and noted that the MAGA protestors did not speak before the allotted public comment period but instead started bellowing after the vote successfully went through, meaning — if you show up to a council meeting at the wrong time with a big gulp and shaky ideology and try to come for a bunch of concerned Arizona citizens just looking out for their fellow man, you’re gonna get roasted.

Not surprisingly, Kack’s uncontrollable belly laugh amongst this insane political shitshow went viral.

Kack thinks the internet has rallied around his viral moment because laughter is the best medicine in this “incredibly dark time.”

“People really took time out of their day to go interrupt a City Council meeting to just yell crazy, ignorant, racist, hate-filled stuff in the most absurd manner they could possibly do it,” he told News 4 Tuscon. “Why wouldn’t you laugh at this?”

“Ultimately I think the majority of this country, regardless of their political affiliation, understand that the loudest voices happening right now are kind of ridiculous,” he added. “And I think that laughter is resonating because I think that’s kind of how people feel right now.”

The best part? Green shirt guy used his viral fame (he now has 50k followers) to bring attention to his tireless quest to make Tuscon a sanctuary city and protect his undocumented neighbors.

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