Anti-Masker Throws Public Tantrum As Sons Carry Him Out Of The Store

by Julie Scagell
Anti-Masker Throws Public Tantrum As Sons Carry Him Out Of The Store

This man is clearly in the “anti-mask” group

In behavior that should be filed under “Total Public Humiliation,” one dad was caught on video screaming at people in a local grocery store for — you guessed it — daring to wear a mask in public to help combat the spread of coronavirus.

A Reddit user posted the video under “Public Freakout” showing a man being carried out of a store by his sons because he was yelling and threatening to kick people’s asses because they were wearing masks. “You’re a bunch of idiots. You know it’s not real,” he is heard saying to no one in particular. The “it” he is referring to is COVID-19 which has killed over 163,000 Americans so far this year according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

“You’ve got a doily on your face,” he says to one shopper.” The shopper responds, calling him a child, saying, “Do you feel better now?” When more people come over to confront the man, his son jumps into action (sadly looking like he’s been down this road before), and tries pushing him towards the door to leave. When that doesn’t work, his son literally picks him up and carries him toddler-style out the door.

Just when you couldn’t feel any sorrier for his kids, the ranting father (who invites everyone outside so they can see how a “real man” settles arguments) squeezes out a fart that can only be described as the most perfectly timed flatulence to ever happen to a human being in the history of forever.


There have been multiple studies by experts and scientists about the use of masks to help prevent the spread of the virus. “The World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now include face masks in their recommendations for slowing the spread of the virus,” the Mayo Clinic wrote in July. “A cloth mask is intended to trap droplets that are released when the wearer talks, coughs or sneezes. Asking everyone to wear cloth masks can help reduce the spread of the virus by people who have COVID-19 but don’t realize it.”


There are currently 34 states mandating masks in public settings like the grocery store this man was in. He, like many others, feel masks somehow infringe on their rights to be an asshole to others during a fucking pandemic. You can’t walk naked into a grocery store either (thank the lord) but somehow this tiny piece of fabric angers some with the fire of 1,000 suns, prompting them to look like complete dipshits in public.

It’s embarrassing to watch, but he farts at the end, so it just feels like it should be shared with the world as a reminder of how not to act, especially in front of your children.