Guy's Hilarious Twitter Thread About Living With Female Roommates Goes Viral

by Christina Marfice
Image via Twitter/Craig Shapes

This guy’s observations about his female roommates went viral

Try as he might, there are some things a man can’t provide for his lady like her bestie can. We have best friends and significant others for a reason. And UK musician Craig Shapes, who recently moved in with his girlfriend and her best friend, is learning that first hand.

In an absolutely hilarious Twitter thread, Shapes lists all the things he’s learned about platonic female relationships — and women in general — from his unique living arrangement. While this is all news to him, every woman who reads this thread is laughing and rolling her eyes a little at his naivety.

Unfortunately, one of the first things he learned is a secret we’ve kept sacred for as long as possible.

And the second is something we’re surprised the entire world hasn’t caught on to yet. I mean, in my house it’s all poop all the time. Anyone with children and/or a spouse and/or housemates knows this barrier gets broken down very quickly.

LOL at his revelation about hair clips. The best part of moving is pulling out the couch and finding years worth of missing bobby pins.

I’m sorry, but did Shapes just complain about his home smelling like rhubarb and custard? What I would give. Someone track down his girlfriend so I can ask where she got that candle, thanks.

Reality TV is also something that comes with the territory. I’m still waiting for Love Island to take off in the U.S. like it deserves to because hello, that show is incredible.

10/10 would pluck my man’s eyebrows. He should actually be thanking his lady, because brow upkeep is obnoxious and expensive.

And I’m sorry, but cheat day is a lifestyle. So is having wine and chocolate whenever something goes wrong, even if it’s just that I imagined that lady at the grocery store was thinking something rude about me.

Shapes’ next revelation is another one the ladies have known basically forever, but we’re glad men are starting to catch on: having comfy, home-only clothes. Dressing gowns, sweatpants, ratty cardigans — there are a lot of options here, and they’re all awesome.

And sorry if he doesn’t understand the appeal of having an impromptu bestie dance party, whether or not there’s music playing. He should try it.

Yes, we would like a little warning before people come over. Sorry, not everyone gets to see my hole-filled house cardigan. Them’s just the rules.

And his final revelation is another one we all know. Raise your hand if you use the hair you shed during the shower to make shapes stuck to the shower walls (*author raises hand*).

Despite us being mysterious AF creatures, Shapes apparently loves living with a couple of lady BBFs.

Even though there are some seemingly superfluous tears.

People have been loving the thread, probably because every word of it is Bible truth.

So, men, if you don’t know, now you know. Appreciate the ladies in your life, and your home too can smell like rhubarb and custard.