Wife's Answer To 'What's On Your Mind' Goes Viral

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Imgur

A man asked his wife to write down what was on her mind. And boy, did she deliver.

Sometimes, you ask your spouse a question and get a lot more than you bargained for. Such was the case for a husband who asked his wife to draw what’s on her mind, probably not expecting the barrage of thoughts she wrote down for him. He posted the hilariously relatable image to Reddit and it’s already been viewed nearly 1.4 million times.

Being a woman is a funny thing. I often tell my husband to imagine a computer with 43 different browser tabs open at once and that maybe then he’d have an idea what’s going on in my head. Seeing this drawing was like seeing my brain on paper — and I’m sure most other women will feel the same way.

This image is like a microcosm of everything a mom is typically thinking about. Her mind wanders to all the topics that float through so many of our heads in a day. Kids, husband, money, feminism, weight loss, food, work — she lays it all out in a simple series of quotes and drawings. Frankly, it’s pretty brilliant in how it captures a snapshot and explains everything on our minds.

Most of the comments about the image were silly or sarcastic but one user pointed out something pretty fantastic:

I looked through the comments and no one else has said it, so I hope you saved this paper OP. Take this window into her mind and use it to make her happy. But do it as secretly as possible. She handed you a cheat sheet and I hope you use it.

The commenter went on to explain that he thinks the original poster should clean the house and give his wife some peace and quiet, since she’s obviously thinking about it enough that she bothered to write it down. Come to think of it, this could be a really useful exercise for a relationship because it gives your partner a window into your mind and as this commenter said, a “cheat sheet” to use in order to make the other person happier.

You can’t expect your partner to read your mind but if they ask what you’re thinking about, it would probably make both of you happier to just put it all out there. A marriage is best when both sides communicate their thoughts and listen to each other. This husband put some feelers out, probably jokingly at first, and now he has this cool little map of what’s on his wife’s mind lately. Hopefully, he does as the commenter suggests and uses it to try to make her life a little bit better.

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