Man's Reaction To Witnessing Childbirth Is Making The Internet LOL

by Maria Guido

Man’s reaction to witnessing childbirth goes viral

Pregnancy and all the things leading up to the birth of a child are all-consuming for women. So much so, that it’s easy for us to forget that labor can be a terrifying shit-show for men.

Yes, we do all the work. Yes, we go through all the pain. But our partners need to be there, next to us, not freaking out — and that can be a tall order. Just ask this guy, who’s going viral today for his reaction to witnessing childbirth.

This poor guy.

The Spanish viral content page, Karma, shared the video last week and the internet can’t get enough of it. Because — this guy.

Look at his face.

Look. At. His. Face.

At one point he attempts to comfort his partner by putting his hand on her shoulder, but then quickly recoils in horror again. This poor guy. He’s really trying. Is it bad that we’re laughing at him? Can’t help it.

The comment section is filled with thousands of women tagging their partners, because this is just one of those moments we never forget. I remember how I felt when both my children emerged. I didn’t even think to look at my husband at that exact moment. I’m sure many of us would capture some pretty funny scenes if we thought to turn a camera on them.

I’m not sure I ever thanked my husband for being such a trooper through the birth of our two children. I’m going to go do that right now. As for this man, let’s just hope he wiped the look of horror off his face before his wife finally looked over at him.