12-Year-Old Trolls Anti-Vaxxers And Becomes An Internet Sensation

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12-year-old’s video about the autism/vaccine link goes viral

Twelve-year-old Marco Arturo has quickly become an internet sensation, after he posted a video explaining the autism/vaccine link. The precocious kid has a future.

In a two-minute video he posted to Facebook last week, Arturo attempts so explain the autism/vaccine connection, using a folder full of “evidence” to back up his claims.

“Every single piece of evidence that vaccines do cause autism is inside this file,” Arturo says, as he holds up a folder marked ‘Evidence that vaccines cause autism’. “I’m going to go page by page reading and explaining everything I got in here because it’s a lot of information,” he says.

He begins flipping through a file of blank pages, get it? Because there is no link. “There’s nothing,” he says. “I think it may be because there is absolutely no evidence to support the statement that vaccines are linked to autism in any way, whatsoever. On the other hand vaccines have prevented millions of children from dying from diseases like polio and measles and meningitis and hepatitis… just to mention a few. And small pox! Small pox was eradicated thanks to vaccines.” He goes on and on with a speech that is really worth listening to.

We live in a time when, thanks to vaccines, we haven’t seen the devastating effects of outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses. But apparently that is causing many people to underestimate how devastating they are – and how important vaccines are to the health of a population. It’s understandable that parents would be wary about anything that is injected into their child’s body, but choosing to completely ignore science and believe the armchair doctors of the internet is an interesting choice. And when I say “interesting,” I mean “totally stupid.”

Arturo ends his monologue with, “Please, vaccinate your children. As you can see none of these pieces of paper had anything written on them. Except for this one…”

Yes, that’s a “mic” he’s about to drop. This kid’s going places.

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