'No Excuses' Mom Gains Weight, Realizes There Actually Are Excuses

by Maria Guido
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Image via Facebook/ Maria Kang

Maria Kang gets refreshingly honest about life, divorce, and “excuses”

A few years ago, Maria Kang asked the question, “What’s Your Excuse?” and became the most hated mom on the internet when she posted a picture of her incredibly sculpted figure in boy shorts, eight months after giving birth to her third child.

Image via Facebook/ Maria Kang

Here’s a little graphic to refresh your memory:

Get it? She has three kids and still looks hot as hell, so what’s your excuse? She was a fit mom, and she was spreading a message that she thought was inspiring at the time. People were annoyed, because people get annoyed by things like this. Why? Perspective, probably. Depending on what your personal situation is, you could take this message a variety of different ways. Many people felt like she was body-shaming moms who don’t quickly bounce back into shape after having a baby.

But since the time she first asked, What’s your excuse? — she’s endured some trying experiences, including separating from her husband and dealing with depression. She seems to now know that there are, in fact, excuses. There are reasons why all of us may not be unflinchingly devoting ourselves to fitness.

Above is a very long explanation about why she isn’t measuring up to the incredibly tough standards she holds herself to. The rest of us, of course, look at this photo and probably think, “Wtf are you even talking about? You look amazing.”

“I didn’t exercise for 4 days prior and was tired after a day working and being with my kids. AND I am 10lbs up since I shot that “What’s Your Excuse” photo! So here I am,” she writes. “This is a raw photo with absolutely no retouching, no preparation and no shame. I’m finding my beauty again, I’m discovering my strength again and I’m relearning what it means to be brave, bold and unapologetic about where I am in my life’s journey.”

“I know we all strive to be “ready” for events, vacations or just feel good enough to wear a swimsuit or take a photo! Sometimes we will mentally never be where we think we should be, so just show up! Just do it! Just be proud of where you are in your life’s journey!”

Kang’s message has changed — and that’s a good thing. Yes, you may look at this and see an incredibly fit woman who has absolutely nothing to complain about in regards to the way she looks. But guess what? A disordered self-image afflicts fit women, too. Kang could have stuck to her “brand.” Instead, she revealed herself, honestly. It’s not easy to admit you’re having problems with your spouse or struggling with depression. And for someone who’s known for being the “fit mom,” it’s not easy to admit you’ve gained ten pounds either.

“There are so many things we can nitpick, so many areas that many feel should be photoshopped – but why not show who we authentically are,” she says. “This is me.”

Kang, we like that message much, much better.

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