The QAnon Congresswoman Says CrossFit Is Her 'Covid Protection'

by Madison Vanderberg
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty and Marjorie Taylor Greene/Twitter

Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks doing CrossFit will protect her from COVID-19

As if CrossFit wasn’t douchey enough, the fitness craze is being dragged into the middle of far-right conspiracy theories because the QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene just said that doing CrossFit is her “Covid protection.” Not a vaccine, not wearing a mask, but doing CrossFit. Yes, really, Greene thinks that getting swole will protect her from the deadly virus. Naturally, the internet had some thoughts.

Greene, whose far-right extremist views make her a particularly dangerous member of Congress, is firmly in the anti-vax, vaccines are the “mark of the beast” camp, and it’s anyone’s guess how she’s still in the House of Representatives, but this is America, and since she can’t be held responsible for her extremist views, I’ll just let Twitter do the roasting.

“This is my Covid protection,” Greene tweeted alongside the hashtag “#MakeAmericaHealthyAgain” and also “It’s time to #FireFauci.” For those not in the know, Greene hates Fauci because he believes in science, and she, uh, does not.

Alongside the “Covid protection” tweet she shared a video of herself lifting giant dumbbells and yes I will pause for laughter.

The Internet had a lot of thoughts about Greene’s fitness “protection” plan against COVID-19.

“Just to be clear, QAnon terrorist Marjorie Taylor Greene should be in prison right now for inciting a deadly insurrection, participating in it, the harassment of a minor and sedition, not recording herself doing CrossFit badly to lie about it protecting from Covid. I despise her,” wrote one Twitter user with absolute accuracy.

Greene has been a longtime CrossFit enthusiast, but CrossFit wants nothing to do with her and literally released a statement to let the world know that they hate getting shoutouts from this conspiracy theorist.

“CrossFit supports respectful fact-based political dialogue to address our common challenges, and we strongly oppose the loathsome and dangerous lies attributed to Ms. Greene,” Andrew Weinstein, a CrossFit spokesperson, told BuzzFeed News in March 2021.

Greene previously owned an affiliate CrossFit gym and become known as the CrossFit lady running for Congress on a platform of conspiracy theories. She even participated in the “CrossFit Games.” CrossFit was as much a part of her identity as her belief in Q.

A member of CrossFit’s new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council said they were slightly shocked to hear the brand take such a stance against the lawmaker, considering the fitness juggernaut has such a strong conservative base.

“It ends up by saying we don’t support this lady, which is a pretty hard stance to take especially for CrossFit being as tied to it is to the military and generally the conservative movement,” the anonymous member told Buzzfeed News.

Anyway, now Greene thinks that working out will save her from getting COVID. Ugh. What a mess.