Marjorie Taylor Greene Publicly Harasses Colleague With Transgender Daughter

by Cassandra Stone
Alex Wong/Sarah Silbiger/Getty

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene posted an anti-transgender sign outside of her office

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is making headlines for all the wrong reasons yet again this week, after she posted an anti-transgender sign outside her office — directly across the hall from a fellow lawmaker who has a transgender daughter.

After debating the Equality Act in the House, a bill that would extend the civil rights protections to the LGBTQ+ community, Illinois Rep. Marie Newman raised a transgender pride flag outside her office. Newman’s office is across from Greene’s office, and, unsurprisingly, Greene is a huge opponent of the Equality Act.

Newman, whose daughter is transgender, shared a video on Twitter that shows her hanging the pink and blue transgender pride flag. In the tweet, she lambasted Greene for opposing the measure “because she believes prohibiting discrimination against trans Americans is ‘disgusting, immoral, and evil.” Newman said she put up the flag so Greene would have to look at it every time she left her office.

Greene decided to retaliate against Newman — who simply hung a universally acknowledged pride flag in her place of work in support of her daughter and the entire transgender population who are, of course, represented by elected public officials — by being intentionally transphobic and violent.

She responded with her own video, clearly mocking Newman’s earlier tweet, showing her hanging up a giant poster that says, “There are TWO genders: Male & Female. Trust the Science!”

And, as we all know, QAnon conspiracy theorists and Trump worshippers have their own definition of “science.” In reality, where Greene and her ilk do not reside, gender is a social construct and sex organs are technically part of biology, a type of science, but try explaining that to someone like Greene.

“Thought we’d put up ours so [Newman] can look at it every time she opens her door,” Greene wrote alongside the video.

The exchange quickly went viral, with many people rightfully pointing out that Greene’s response differs wildly from Newman’s flag placement and statement because Greene’s response is a direct attack on Newman and her family.

Newman told CNN that the exchange with her transphobic colleague was never meant to be a fight and that she is unconcerned with Greene’s reaction to her flag. She said she felt it was important to make a statement about the Equality Act and to show that LGBTQ+ people are valued members of society just like anyone else.

“I just wanted to make a statement so that she sees LGBTQ+ people and so the symbolism was simply to put the flag out there so she has to see our community every day,” Newman said. “You know, I’m immensely proud of my daughter and that’s all anyone is asking for is to be treated as anyone else and that’s what I want representative Greene to see.”

Regarding the sign itself, Newman remains unbothered by the petty, narrow-minded bigotry displayed by Greene.

“If she’s going to spend time running to FedEx and creating goofy signs, have at it.”