Get Ready For 'Face Swap' Posts To Take Over Your Facebook Feed

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Mark Zuckerberg bought an app called Masquerade and it’s about to change the face of your Facebook feed

Were you just thinking that you’d run out of ways to waste your life on the internet? That you might have seen every single cat video in existence and that you might have to start all over? Have no fear, Mark Zuckerberg and this weird face swapping app are here to revive your Facebook feed. And make it a teeny bit creepy and disturbing.

Masquerade is a popular face swapping app recently acquired by Facebook. For the uninitiated, “face swapping” is when you take video or still photos of yourself and someone else and swap faces — literally. It’s been an option on the Snapchat app for a while and is one of those things the kids are doing these days. So of course, it had to trickle its way down to the mainstream and become something your great-aunt Debra does too. Grown ups ruin everything, honestly.

According to Tech Insider, the app will make it possible for Facebook users to overlay animated filters on videos and photos including celebrities and animals. The face swapping bit won’t happen on Facebook right away, but will soon be possible. You can take video or use a still photo for your creations and then share them on other social media networks.

Now, you may be asking yourself — why does this matter to me as a parent? Isn’t this for 15-year olds with no real responsibilities and nothing but time to kill playing on a stupid app? And there’s where you’d be wrong. Behold.

Oh my God, you guys. We can face swap with our KIDS! It doesn’t really get any funnier than Creepy Toddler Jimmy Kimmel, does it? The possibilities here are endless. You can freak everyone out on Facebook and laugh yourself stupid at the same time. Plus, your older kids will find it quite entertaining to face swap with mom and dad or maybe, the family dog. Everyone can get in on the fun!

It’s pretty simple to use. If you want to try it out before it hits Facebook, it’s as easy as downloading the app and opening it up. It automatically accesses your phone’s camera and walks you through selecting fun filters and overlays. It will probably be a similar process when it’s available on Facebook. Voila. I turned myself into Leonardo DiCarprio at the Oscars. An image you’ll probably never be able to unsee.

Technology is making so many things possible these days and yes, some of it really serves no other purpose than to entertain. This is definitely one of those things where you’re not exactly changing the world, but it sure is funny. With all the awful political posts cluttering your social media feeds and the “vaguebooking” from that one annoying mom in playgroup and the mom-shaming you get from all sides, it’s kind of nice to have something that is pure nonsense to make you laugh instead of throw your phone across the room.

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