New Video Shows Healthcare Workers Begging People To Wear A Damn Mask

by Julie Scagell

Wearing a mask is such a simple measure that can save thousands of lives

Healthcare workers have been working tirelessly for months on end to save those who are hospitalized with COVID-19, putting themselves at risk as a result. After watching people suffer daily, and even die, as a result of contracting the virus, these united healthcare workers have one simple ask — wear a mask. A new campaign from the Every Mask Up organization is sharing healthcare worker’s powerful words as a reminder that we all need to wear a mask.

Healthcare workers across the country are begging people to wear a mask to help slow the spread of a virus that’s already claimed the lives of over 253,000 Americans. The #MaskUp campaign, which was launched by 100 hospital and healthcare centers nationally, released a video ad along with a print ad, which was published in newspapers throughout the country.

The black and white video shows dozens of still images of healthcare workers caring for COVID-19 patients. You can see the exhaustion, sadness, and anger in their eyes as they know there is no end in sight. I can’t imagine after witnessing this every single day to go out in public and see people not wearing masks, packing bars, and acting as if this virus doesn’t exist at all.

According to the CDC, if worn the correct way over the nose and under the chin, masks help prevent the spread of coronavirus. “When people with COVID-19 cough, sneeze, sing, talk, or breathe they produce respiratory droplets,” and these droplets cause infection “when they are inhaled or deposited on mucous membranes, such as those that line the inside of the nose and mouth.”

During the video, words come across the screen, saying, “You’ve called us heroes…but heroes don’t deserve this. We’ve fought hard to protect our communities. Month. After. Month. Our shields are worn. Our resolve is being tested. Yet we press on because we truly want to see this pandemic end.”

To date, there have been nearly 254,000 coronavirus-related deaths and more than 12,000,000 cases of the virus in the United States according to data from Johns Hopkins University. New daily case rates continue to skyrocket in most states and with colder temperatures and the holiday season coming, health experts warn things may continue to get worse. Wearing a mask is a simple act that has been proven to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which is why healthcare workers are begging people to wear one.

“We put our lives on the line daily to keep you safe,” the video concludes. “So do something for us. Wear. A. Mask.”

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