'Massage Hoodie' Will Totally Outdo Those 2 Minute Massages Your Partner Gives You

by Jerriann Sullivan
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Image via AiraWear.

The massage hoodie will soothe your muscles anytime, anywhere

A team of geniuses in Singapore has created a piece of clothing we’ll all likely fall in love with – the massage hoodie. The magical garment does exactly what its name implies and massages you while you wear it.

Kiss your spouse’s terrible massages goodbye. You can’t blame your husband or wife because they do try. Sometimes they even get fancy and use lotion. But, let’s be honest, their massages still suck. They’re not professionally trained, so their moves usually hurt and the whole ordeal never lasts long because their hands get tired.

But thanks to the AiraWear massage hoodie you and your partner can both sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy a decent backrub. Finally, science is creating something we really need! The AiraWear targets muscles and pain points to release tension, according to the designers. It even comes with a smartphone app that lets users choose their desired intensity and duration and which pain points to target. The app remembers your favorite massage settings, too, so once you wear it a few times you can slip into the perfect massage in seconds.

Image via AiraWear.

Without getting too technical let’s talk about how this brilliant thing works. In short, it is kind of like a spacesuit, according to Engadget. Plastic cushions are inflated via a pump. Then those pillows of air push against foam points that are near your lower, mid, and upper back. The massaging hardware is light (only 2.6 pounds!) and sewn into a blue, gray, or black hoodie. You charge the badass sweater using a standard micro-USB slot that’s built into the hoodie. Two hours of charging gets you six blissful hours of massage.

“You’ve been slouching at your chair staring at a screen for hours. You’re sore and aching, but all you can do is just take a break, have a coffee, maybe a quick stretch, then get back to the desk, and just live with the pain. That’s the person Aira is designed for,” Product Manager Tan Jun Yuan said in a statement. It’s also designed for anyone that loves a massage and has an extra $199 plus $20 for shipping. If hoodies aren’t your style, try a vest that also massages in the same way and starts at $159.

If luxurious products meant only for pleasure aren’t your thing, don’t worry because the hoodie also improves something important – your posture. It has tracking sensors that analyze your shitty sitting habits during the day. When you’re slouching the hoodie automatically inflates fixing your posture and giving your lower back some support.

And if you’re the type of person that wouldn’t be caught dead wearing active wear outside your yoga studio (we’re told they exist) you can wear the hoodie under your favorite blazer or suit jacket. The rest of us are just happy to get a decent massage without having to make small talk at a spa. The hoodie isn’t available in stores – yet – but you can order it online here.

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