Maternity Shoot Dog Poses With Her Perfect Puppies

Dog Who Rocked Her Maternity Shoot Poses With Her Perfect Puppies


Pregnant dog made famous by maternity photos gives birth, and her puppies are perfect

Lilica is a Brazilian doggy who took the internet by storm last week with a seriously incredible maternity shoot. You thought you were able to harness your inner goddess for your maternity photos? Lilica looked downright blissful.

She really embraced her maternal glow:



The photos quickly went viral, because come on. Look at them. Lilica has since had her babies, and her own personal photographer Ana Paula Grillo did another shoot with the new babies. It’s as adorable as you think it is.

After the maternity shoot, Grillo told Bored Panda“It was amazing. It felt like she understood everything, and made sensational poses. It was like she was smiling.” Now, she looks just as proud as you would expect a new mother to look.


Look at her face!

She’s even showing her support for #NormalizeBreastfeeding. No, she doesn’t have a cover — look away if you have a problem with it. She’s totally got the “don’t eff with me” look in her eye. We love you, Lilica.


Oh, then there’s the puppies:




Grillo lives next door to Lilica’s owner. She told The Dodo that “she has proven to be an excellent mother, always making sure her little ones are well fed.”

There is nothing more to say but… awwwwww.